Valiant Kent on the Importance of Providing the Best Customer Experience

The value of customer satisfaction has always been known, however research has shown that companies offering an exceptional customer experience can exceed their peers’ gross margin by more than 26 percent. A 26% increase in margin is something that any company would be delighted to have, so just how do you go about making sure that your customers’ experience is exceptional? Valiant Kent think they know the answer as their thriving customer base speaks for itself and this ambitious company are enjoying a huge increase in demand. They are passionate about providing an exceptional customer experience for each and every one of their clients and they are becoming known for their excellent customer care.

Valiant Kent’s Managing Director Rohan Fernandez says, ‘Making your customers’ experience exceptional is all about exceeding expectations. This means being realistic with your promises and never ever breaking a deadline. Seek their feedback every step of the way, and make them feel valued and listened to. Never miss an opportunity to get a customer on board - whether that’s by hosting a hospitality event or consulting their opinion on something. Maintaining an open and honest relationship with your customers means that they will always know what they mean to you. Going the extra mile may seem like too much effort now and again, but the truth is that it will pay off in dividends. Your customers will remain loyal to you, and they may even recommend you to their friends. Here at Valiant Kent we have always put our customers first, and this I am sure is one of the main reasons why we retain such a large and loyal customer base. However, we never allow ourselves to get complacent so we are always searching for new ways in which to exceed our customers’ expectations and make their experience of us even better.’

This outlook certainly seems to be working since Valiant Kent are leading the field when it comes to direct marketing. Experts in customer acquisition, Valiant Kent are in high demand from companies looking to boost their own customer base and raise profits. Direct marketing has long been considered to be the most effective way of generating new business, and Valiant Kent is the name on everyone’s lips. Mr Fernandez is himself always looking for new ways in which to provide an exemplary service for his customers, and his ambitious plans for Valiant Kent mean that they are definitely one to watch.

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