‘Use Customer Relationships to Build Awareness of Brand’ says Pro UK Consultants

Building customer relationships are just as important as building a brand. Birmingham-based direct marketing firm, Pro UK Consultants, claim their use of event marketing improves customer relationships which also contributes to the awareness of their brand.

Customer relationships are crucial to the development of a brand. Pro UK Consultants, an outsourced sales and marketing firm in Birmingham, West Midlands, has always encouraged this policy in their business plan, and urge other startups to do the same. By developing and nurturing customer relationships right from the start of operating a business, Pro UK Consultants emphasize that positive brand awareness will follow simultaneously.

Jameel Paul, managing director at Pro UK Consultants, makes it clear that building a brand and building trusting relationships with customers are two different concepts. Pro UK Consultants stress the importance of how each concept must have a different business strategy for achieving the final goal. In order to build a brand, businesses must differentiate themselves from competitors, and develop a unique selling point to entice customers. Once a business receives attention from new customers, it is equally important to maintain their custom. By building customer relationships and delivering an excellent customer experience, customers will feel more inclined to become a regular customer. Not only does this build brand awareness, it also encourages long-term loyalty and respect for the brand.

Pro UK Consultant’s brand and customer relationship ideology is supported by Don Peppers, who is the founding partner at Peppers & Rogers Group. He expressed his views on LinkedIn in the form of an article titled, “Brands Aren’t the Same as Customer Relationships.” Don Pepper stated, “If you want your business to be customer-centric, you need to know how profound the differences between how your brand works, and how a customer relationship works. Because the truth is you could think of relationships and brands as operating in different marketing dimensions.” This statement is strongly supported by Pro UK Consultants.

Pro UK Consultants is Birmingham’s premier outsourced sales and marketing firm and is hired by businesses throughout the UK to deliver marketing campaigns on their behalf. Pro UK Consultants specialises in event marketing, which interacts with customers personally. By using event marketing, it improves customer relationships and contributes to how consumers view Pro UK Consultants brand. By interacting with customers directly, it enables Pro UK Consultants to have more control over the reputation of their brand and how customers perceive them.

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