UKTV Week 18 (BBC 17) 26 April-2 May Highlights And News

In this week's highlights is the charming and funny Hebburn which debuts on Gold. Meanwhile, I never thought I'd care so much about a bunch of lawyers as I do as about the sharply attired, quick-taking legal eagles in Suits on Dave. So I was worried when one of them suffers a heart attack in this week's episode. Does anyone die? The PI tells all, but it's more good stuff from an excellent series.

I'm really getting into Believe on Watch as well. It makes me want to adopt Bo myself. I reckon I could hide her from Orchestra and the FBI easily enough and I'd be less of a liability than the hot-headed Tate. Of course, I'd only use her powers for good...

Also this week there's another new episode of the fascinating Deep Wreck Mysteries on Yesterday, Storage Hunters, as loved by (most of) the Goggleboxers, continues on Dave, there's a brilliant episode of Castle on Alibi and Rupert Everett plays Sherlock Holmes, which is new to Drama.

Also, please check out the NEWS section of the website to read some brand new and exciting programme announcements, including Watch's acquisition of Gillian Anderson US drama Crisis, Dave's World Cup Football Specials, new Choccywoccydoodah: Starstruck with Tinie Tempah (yes! Tinie Tempah) and there are also details of another brand new series heading to Yesterday.

This week's main topic of discussion has been deciding which character we would be if we could be anyone from any TV series. I'd be either Dean Cain's imperious version of Clark Kent from The New Adventures of Superman (for obvious reasons) Castle from Castle or Colt Seavers from The Fall Guy. Gem would be Olivia Pope from Scandal, Kelly said someone from Friends which doesn't count and Lara said Bernard from the classic CITV series, Bernard's Watch. Nice choice, Larissa. Who would you be?

If you need anything else (except a watch that stops time) just let me know.


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