This summer's must-read novel is hot - and perfect for voyeurs looking for something new


by Natasha Jordache

This extraordinary fact-based and hot debut novel is racing up the sales charts this summer. It's based on the 'almost' genuine texts of the married author and her lover, who re-met 25 years after breaking up in the 80s.

Using real-time text transcripts, word by genuine word, it creates a soul-baring brand new genre and is perfect pool-side reading. But beware: it'll make a voyeur of you.

“In 2011, in real life, an ex-boyfriend came back to find me”, says Jordache on her website. "A candlelit dinner later our lives had changed: the connection was instant and chemistry as electrifying as ever. It sounds simple, but it wasn't. He was getting divorced, in emotional torment and broke; I was happily married to a man I adored; both of us had children; and we lived nearly three hours’ drive from one another.”

A contemporary love story with a difference, 'After 25 Years' employs authentic transcripts, minute by minute, day by day, to create a brand new genre, drawing on the communications of a man and woman who dated in their twenties, were reunited in their forties, and instantly realised they were still in love. The couple's texts and emails started the morning after that dinner, as do those by fictional characters Tom and Charlotte. 

In the first of a potential trilogy, the British author has taken messages exchanged with her ex-lover and adroitly transformed reality – where lines were apparently drawn as part of an art project – into an intimate 'factional' diary of her protagonists’ burgeoning, highly charged and scorchingly sexy affair. There’s a surprise honesty element too, because Jordache says she told her husband everything. Well, almost.

Tom and Charlotte’s intelligent, witty and intense on-screen communications are interspersed with descriptive, emotional and often heartbreaking narrative passages to offer a unique, organic, funny, sad, reflective and occasionally erotic account of an emerging love triangle.

This moving story will resonate with anyone who’s been tempted by forbidden fruit. For anyone who has contemplated an affair or polyamory but loves their partner. For anyone undergoing a midlife crisis. For anyone who remembers a former love and has wondered ‘what if?’. For anyone who’s appalled by adultery and believes it’s always morally reprehensible. And for anyone who’ll enjoy following the complexities and challenges of a 21st century romance where the mobile phone replaces a scented billet-doux.

It'll also appeal to anyone who likes their sex vanilla-flavoured but euphemism-free and – in places – uncompromisingly graphic. 

When asked where fact ends and fiction starts, the author says ‘lines are blurred’, so whether or not her second union with ‘Tom’ was consummated in real life is somewhat ambiguous. As Jordache acknowledges, what most readers really want to know is: did they or didn’t they do it? Perhaps we'll never know, since she'll only smile wryly when challenged.

But one thing's certain. Reading 'After 25 Years' is probably the closest you'll ever get to being in someone else's relationship. Are you ready to become a voyeur?


North Londoner Natasha Jordache lives in the south west of England with her husband and two children. A Theology and Philosophy graduate, in her first profession she was an actor; in her second, a copywriter; and in the third, a magazine editor and feature-writer. Now, to her surprise, she finds herself the author of 'After 25 Years', the controversial first book of a potential trilogy. Tom Forresta, for the record, works in marketing for an international blue chip company and lives in central England. They are both very foolish, in different ways.


By publishing professionals:

BC, Book Publicist “I think that what you have put together is extraordinary and, in my opinion, a great publishing project. I just read today that there is a new movie soon to be released in the Before Sunrise series with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy and this made me think of those really great films. I really do think that you have something here.”

CL, Commissioning Editor “I found it to be one of the most compelling and moving love stories I have read in a long time. We are looking for writers who dare to be different and are not afraid to push the boundaries of the genre – something I strongly believe that you and After 25 Years achieves. Quite simply, I love the book.”

KR, Literary Consultant “The way the story unfolds organically with its mix of joy and tragedy is something that a lot of people will really relate to, especially today when so much relationship development happens at this kind of technological remove.”

On Amazon:

Addictive, Compelling & Real.... - Charlotte (England) - 5 out of 5 stars
“After 25 Years is full of raw emotion and like nothing I have read before. There is something satisfyingly naughty in reading private text messages... nuggets of adultery, lust and betrayal that force you to keep turning the page. This book will challenge
your views on monogamy. In a strange way, it almost could be you. Entirely voyeuristic but utterly compelling.”

Love lost and reclaimed - by Lora DS (USA) - 5 out of 5 stars
“As readers we are voyeurs into the struggle between these two ex lovers re-awakening desire and self doubt and guilt. The story left me haunted by their bitter sweet journey. I await the next part with my tea and a hankie handy.”

Moving, funny, real, relevant - Elizabeth (England) - 5 out of 5 stars
“A stunning absence connect story, told through the eyes of a couple once so in love that it seemed nothing would separate them. But life had other plans, and they parted. In this poignant story we follow them on their new journey by way of their messages. Moving, funny, real, relevant. I loved it.”

Where there's smoke there's fire - GloriaH (USA) - 5 out of 5 stars
“We get a unique perspective. This well-written, emotional and poignantly intimate story is a must read for those who have experienced the temptation to resurrect a former love, while wondering what could have been.”

Engrossing… Bexxful (England) – 4 out of 5 stars
“It's sweet, humorous and seductive. I had a lump in my throat at the bloody beginning! At times hard to read, especially knowing Charlotte has a husband she loves very much. Just shows that love and lust are two different things. Heartfelt drama, romantic.... those moments between Charlotte and Tom were sizzling hot!!”


AFTER 25 YEARS (the almost genuine texts trilogy: one) is published by TAS Books and available in print (GBP9.99/USD15.99) and ebook formats. For a review copy, interview or feature-writing request please call TAS Books on +44 (0)1225 447474 or email [email protected]

Natasha Jordache is currently writing the second in the trilogy, AFTER 26 YEARS, which will be launched later in 2014.

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