The Marketing Evolution: MJ Experia Marketing Compare Marketing Strategies in 2013 to Last Decade

According to an article by Geoffrey James published on, the marketing landscape has drastically changed. Matt Wassall, managing director of outsourced sales and marketing firm MJ Experia Marketing recommends marketers to adapt to those changes.

Marketing has changed enormously compared to ten years ago. Matt Wassall at MJ Experia Marketing says: “We live in a constantly changing world. Brands that cannot adapt will end up falling by the wayside.”

A decade ago, business courses and marketing books recommended companies create a product or service that appeals to a large number of consumers. Marketers were told to reach a large audience with a message that looks attractive to as many potential buyers as possible. Businesses were asked to create a recognisable brand name that could be extended into additional product categories ( “It seems like the previous marketing rules have changed within the last decade,” says Matt Wassall. Large companies such as Coca Cola or Sony made a name for themselves, but would they be successful today using the same strategy?

These days niche marketing strategies are the norm, marketers create products for a specific target audience ( Matt Wassall at MJ Experia Marketing says: “This is what we do, and it works amazingly well.” MJ Experia Marketing raises brand awareness, promotes and sells products and services on behalf of clients. “Our clients ask us to target a specific audience, according to their research results,” explains Matt Wassall. “Sending out more specific and personalised messages addresses potential customers directly and makes them feel that the brand may offer exactly what they need,” adds Matt Wassall.

With regards to the brand name, marketers are now recommended to involve the audience in the selection in order to define the brand and any future offerings ( “Nowadays, we love to engage with consumers and listen to their opinions. This is amazing because in the end, brands create products so that people will buy them. If we know what consumers want, it is easier to satisfy them and have them return,” summarises Matt Wassall.

From ‘broadcast’ to ‘narrowcast’, from reaching the masses to targeting a specific audience and from having the brand decide about its destiny to customers who have the full control about a company’s success ( Things have definitely changed within the last decade. However, it seems to work well. MJ Experia Marketing have a great track record of increasing their clients’ customer retention through their approach towards a specific target market. MJ Experia Marketing’s clients have now asked them to cover further locations within the UK by the end of 2013.

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