The Key to Success Lies in Your Family, Says MD of In Touch Acquisitions

For Ebony Dixon, Managing Director of In Touch Acquisitions, it is easy to attribute success to a number of different factors, however it all begins with family. Mr Dixon owes his success to the fact that he has a very supportive and loving family and they drive him by supporting his entrepreneurial spirit and believing in him every step of the way. From his loving and supportive family base, Mr Dixon feels able to go the extra mile in business, knowing that they believe in him.

Mr Dixon says, ‘When I set up In Touch Acquisitions I took a leap of faith. With any new business there is always the risk that something will go wrong and the business will fail, however I worked hard to make it a success and I couldn’t have done that without the support of my family. Beyond this, I think there are three other elements that contribute towards my success. The first is fame - and this is my desire to become known in the industry as being top of my game. The second is fortune, because obviously I want to ensure that I reward my family for their love and support by giving them a comfortable life. And the third is freedom, because I passionately believe that to be successful in business you have to have the freedom to make the right career decisions. These are the things that motivate me and they have driven me to forge a really successful career. I am proud of In Touch Acquisitions and am enjoying the success that my hard work has generated.’

Family, fame, fortune and freedom are all things that motivate people and it is a good idea to keep these in mind as you go about your business. Some people struggle to find things which motivate them, however most people are motivated by Mr Dixon’s 4 Fs. He recommends bearing them in mind, especially when you are struggling or feeling a little daunted by the road ahead.

In Touch Acquisitions are going from strength to strength in the direct marketing sector, thanks in no small part to Mr Dixon’s drive and motivation to succeed. They are gaining ground on their competitors, achieving a larger market share all the time and establishing themselves as major players in the industry. Mr Dixon plans to strive ahead, always looking for the next level of success without forgetting his motivations along the way.

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