Tender Urges England Fans to Stand Up to Domestic Violence During the 2014 World Cup

With the start of the 2014 World Cup only days away, Tender is pleased to announce the success of their #StandUpWorldCup campaign, which urges football fans to challenge the rise in domestic violence during England's matches.

Research reported in previous articles, and available on Tender's website, states that while violence went up 29% when England LOST to Germany, it went up 27% percent when England won over Slovenia, serving to show that it really DOESN'T matter whether you win or lose. This increase is extremely disturbing and cannot go unchallenged. Tender is asking that individuals, organisations, and media stand together this World Cup season to say ‘No excuses’.

Media coverage on this issue is imperative in order to help reach the public and give them the opportunity to join in this conversation as the World Cup rolls on. Reports of temporary shelters being set up in preparation for the World Cup and the rise of violence, show that the voluntary and support sector is taking this risk seriously. They are devoting valuable resources to help meet the rise in violence with a rise in support, but they cannot work in isolation. While their preparation is certainly best practice, the need for it is tragic. Please do consider sharing Tender's campaign with your audiences to make sure the initial success of the campaign is maintained over the course of the World Cup. Increased violence during sporting events should not be something we accept or normalise. It must be challenged.

Press release distributed by Pressat on behalf of Tender Education and Arts, on Monday 9 June, 2014. For more information subscribe and follow http://www.pressat.co.uk/

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