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LONDON (GMT) 20/04/2014 - 04:12

Strategic Five Marketing Retains Dominant Position in UK Despite Surge in European Competition

Monday 30 December, 2013

Outsourcing carries a certain reputation As UK firm Strategic Five Marketing remain a dominant force within the European outsourced sales and marketing industry, Ben Lambert, Managing Director, reviews leadership qualities that have allowed the firm to continue this dominance.

Strategic Five Marketing is one of the UK’s leading outsourced customer acquisition firms. Established in Birmingham, West Midlands three years ago, the firm have also recently expanded into Reading, Berkshire. British businesses rely on Strategic Five Marketing’s constant ability to monitor and develop their client’s products and services to stay competitive on the market. The firm are also able to track products and services from beginning to end and monitor the quality and retention of customers.

The rise of outsourced marketing competition in Europe has not impacted Strategic Five marketing due to their commitment to being a British company that trade solely with British suppliers and contractors. ‘Our clients appreciate this about us. Outsourcing carries a certain reputation and for us to be able to proudly promote our commitment to being a UK based outsourcing firm who solely trade in the UK is very appealing to many brands and has become a key marketing tool,’ says Ben Lambert, Managing Director of Strategic Five Marketing.

Managing Director, Ben Lambert has utilised his strong leadership qualities, which has led to Strategic Five Marketing becoming a ‘go-to service’ for businesses looking to extend their marketing reach and improve sales figures.

Leadership is important in business. Business is a collection of people working for the same cause, and a leader is required to define that cause and to steer people in the right direction to achieve it. Business growth will only come through the time and talents of others; the sooner that small business owner and entrepreneurs recognise this, the better. Using the time and talents of others will allow individuals to succeed in larger projects faster and with a higher degree of quality.

Becoming a strong leader is something that can be learnt and improved upon. Leadership is a never ending process of self-analysis and self-improvement. Ben Lambert of Strategic Five Marketing has utilised his strong leadership qualities to ensure the success of his firm. One of the top leadership qualities used by Ben Lambert is ‘working hardest to set the example’. Leaders are not exonerated from hard work – the opposite in fact. Successful leaders of both international corporations and smaller firms understand the concept of working hardest to set an example. Ben Lambert has been recognised by Strategic Five Marketing as a good leader because he is willing to work the hardest and set the example by raising the bar as high as possible.

As Strategic Five Marketing move into 2014, Ben Lambert will continue to act as a role model and a strong leader for the firm. With a leader such as Ben Lambert, Strategic Five Marketing is certain to remain dominant within the sales and marketing industry in the years ahead.

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