Strategic Five Marketing Promote Outsourcing after study into Digital Marketing Presents Worrying Results

Following a recent study highlighting how marketers suffer from ‘digital dysfunction’, Strategic Five Marketing promotes the efficiency and effectiveness of outsourcing to a marketing agency.

Strategic Five Strategic, a sales and marketing firm operating in both Reading and Birmingham, weren’t surprised at the results of a recent study into businesses’ understanding of digital marketing practices. Many marketers lack clear comprehension of how the approach works and what exactly it could do for business.

With constant breakthroughs and changes within the technology industry and online, many businesses are struggling to keep up with what’s new and relevant when it comes to marketing digitally, meaning much of the time they’re missing the mark and failing to reach potential customers.

The study found that 64% of those asked were unsure of how to integrate digital marketing into their existing practices and marketing strategies. This suggests that many companies using digital marketing approaches may not be using it to its full potential, and therefore wasting valuable resources. Betty Tuppeny, Chief executive of Domus Inc. the advertising firm that conducted the study suggested that this is a worrying figure, claiming if marketers don’t understand how digital marketing works they have no way of evaluating if its working or not for their business.

Strategic Five Marketing believes this lack of understanding could have a detrimental effect on marketing as a whole. They worry that if clients think that marketers are struggling to keep up with technology, then they could lose trust in the entire marketing industry if they are not 100% sure of how to get the most out of a marketing campaign.

The study noted that digital media advertising is expected to rise by 14%, and it’s been suggested that if it continues at the current rate, by 2018 more money will be spend on digital media than traditional television advertising. The results from the study were obtained through asking 155 high level employees working for companies with an annual revenue of around 250million. All the participants of the study had some control over the marketing and advertising departments in their company, making the results of the study all the more surprising.

Strategic Five Marketing offers an outsourced direct marketing solution to businesses that lack personal engagement with their customer base. ‘We have a strong view on this subject, even though the data focuses on the inability to deliver digital marketing (rather than our direct forms of marketing) as I think the issue could affect the reputation of marketers as a whole. It’s really important businesses maintain transparency in their marketing and also gain the return they are investing in,’  says Strategic Five Marketing’s Managing Director Ben Lambert

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