Strategic Five Marketing Grow Client Base by Landing New Telecommunications Client

As Strategic Five Marketing continue to grow and expand, the firm announce the landing of a new telecommunications client

Strategic Five Marketing is one of the UK’s leading outsourced customer acquisition firms; established in Birmingham 3 years ago, with market research extending into Reading. UK businesses rely on Strategic Five Marketing’s constant ability to monitor and develop their client’s products and services to stay competitive on the market. The firm is also able to track products and services from beginning to end and monitor the quality and retention of customers. Strategic Five’s marketing approach involves a tailored and unique face to face interaction with customers.

Since the establishment of Strategic Five Marketing in Birmingham 3 years ago, the firm has always kept true to the original mission of the firm – to develop a business through diversity, individuality and a fusion of ideas. Since the establishment of Strategic Five Marketing, the firm has consistently grown and taken on new clients and have expanded into new offices and locations. The most recent example of this expansion is the landing of a new telecommunications client. The long-term goal for Strategic Five Marketing is to cover the entire UK with new clients.

‘Part of our planned growth for 2014 includes expanding our industry portfolio, landing this new client is exciting and opens us up to explore a whole new sector and provides a great opportunity to up skill our sales force’ says Managing Director of Strategic Five Marketing, Ben Lambert.

Strategic Five Marketing has had many successes during 2013 and early 2014; for example, after launching weekly compliance training, the firm managed to reduce customer complaints by 26%. And in July 2013, the firm expanded market research to Reading. This expansion was greatly attributed to the 4-step business strategy that the firm uses to ensure results are guaranteed for clients within the saturated sales and marketing industry.

Over the past ten years the supply and demand for outsourcing services across the UK has dramatically increased. More UK businesses than ever before a looking to utilize the specialised services provided by firm’s such as Strategic Five Marketing. This trend is helping aid the expansion of new markets and new clients for the firm.

UK businesses are seeing the numerous benefits that Strategic Five Marketing can bring; for each client, Strategic Five Marketing maintain a working knowledge of their Sales & Marketing department budget, maximize revenue by selling all facets of the clients services and meet or exceed weekly minimum solicitation goals. The demand for the services provided by Strategic Five Marketing will only increase in the future.

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