Start-up success depends on leadership skills says Privilege Promotions

Direct marketing specialists, Privilege Promotions, believe that start-up success is dependent on leadership skills, and the firm have outlined their tips for becoming a more effective leader.

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Privilege Promotions, an elite sales and marketing firm believes every successful company is built on foundations of strong leadership. At a startup, the leadership role is tricky. The setting is intimate: people are as much friends as they are co-workers, so strict power lines feel uncomfortable. Moreover, each employee wears many hats; there is often no clear allocation of roles. Mastering the art of leadership at this level is a skill that once mastered will give the business a strong hold into being a success.

Here are five tactics that Privilege Promotions believe will help to produce a better leader:

1. Gather employee feedback- There are tools available to businesses like 3sixty and 15five so employees can easily share suggestions and struggles, both identifiable and anonymously. These tools help improve team morale and expose many wonderful suggestions for how to improve a business. It is especially helpful in giving everyone an equal say, regardless of their seniority or gender.

2. Have one-on-one meetings - Privilege Promotions meets with at least one team member a day, cycling through the entire company every few weeks, with an open-door policy so anyone can request a one-on-one appointment at any time. These free-wheeling conversations give a leader a better insight into individual issues and help develop a stronger relationship with each person. Privilege Promotions believes this is a luxury of being a small business.

3. Create a culture of transparency - Privilege Promotions believe that all members of business and development teams should participate in each other's roadmap meetings, so everyone can be part of setting the direction for each group. All planning documents and meeting notes are shared company-wide, and team meetings are open-door.

4. Don't pull rank - Privilege Promotions believes if a leader is making a tough decision, they should argue its facets, but try to subject all arguments to the same level of scrutiny as would anyone else's. Relying on team members to point out flaws and help the team arrive at the best decision.

5. Be humble - Privilege Promotions believes the best leaders can admit they're wrong, and the best leadership is by example. This is an easy one for many founders: as their company's first employees, they've taken out the trash and assembled furniture. "Just keep that ethos alive and those hands dirty," says Privilege Promotions.

Founded in Leicester in April 2014, Privilege Promotions is a fast growing and successful event marketing firm. Privilege Promotions strive to provide their clients with quality services that offer maximum results and guarantee a return on investment to all clients; providing results on a 'no win-no fee' basis. Privilege Promotions generate sales and customer acquisitions for their clients' brands at event venues and in store promotions. The firm prepare young people for life as a business owner and a leader through their highly sought after Business Development Program.

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