Stags fight Bulls in Barcelona

A historic national tradition and pastime, bullfighting was banned in the Catalonia region in 2012. The Spanish government however recently voted to give the sport ‘special cultural status’ after receiving a petition of almost 600,000 signatures. This would potentially roll back the previous law put in place by the Catalan regional government and create a legal loophole in which bullfighting could be practiced in the region. But unless that happens, you’ll need to be creative to find some bull in Barcelona.

There is a way though you can see a little bull action in the ring – providing you are willing to play the matador., a group travel and activities organizer with operations in 14 European cities, organises mini-bullfights at a ring just outside of the city. A professional matador will give instructions on how to get yourself out of the ring alive, and then you’ll be put to the test – a 45-minute test to be exact, you and a (baby) bull one-on-one. View the company's presentation of the event

Barcelona has had three bullrings - Plaza de el Torin which was built in 1834, but no longer exists; Plaza de las Arenas, which was built in 1900 and the last in-use bullring, the Plaza de Toros Monumental, built in 1914. The Monumental bull ring, as it’s commonly called, is home to the Bullfighting Museum of Barcelona. A small but interesting museum, it shares the history of bull fighting in Barcelona and has a display room with costumes of famous bullfighters, heads of famous bulls and other historical documents and items related to bullfighting. The bull ring is still used for circus performances and other shows. Las Arenas meanwhile has been transformed into a pretty spectacular shopping mall.

Eating action (although not steak) can be had at Los Toreos, just off La Rambla. Surrounded by bullfighting paraphernalia, the tapas and wine are well-priced and their evening meals generous. If you prefer some Catalan treats, go for the seafood paella at Los Caracoles, a historical lovely restaurant that also serves rustic meals of lamb and pork. When only a slice of beef will do, the only place to head for is Morelia, a fabulous steak and cocktail bar with a beautiful grilled Argentinean filet mignon.

While the bull may not take centre ring in Barcelona anymore, there’s still plenty of action to prove your toreo status. Just avoid wearing a Traje de luces while out for the evening…

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