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Direct marketing firm Source Marketing Direct reviews the impact 'place branding' can have on a business, and share their delight for being a part of the favourable and iconic 'Brand London'.

About Source Marketing Direct:

Over the last ten or so years, the UK has experienced a mass migration to the cities and the UN has estimated that come 2050, almost 66% of the population will reside in cities. The popularity of city living has dramatically changed the state of the UK economy as their rate of growth has led to them becoming economic powerhouses with 80% of the global GDP currently being generated in cities alone. Source Marketing Direct, a London based sales and event marketing firm believe that the transformation of UK cities has helped to fuel small business innovation and has led to a boost in entrepreneurship with cities providing the resources and support needed to grow and thrive as a new business. This has led to widespread 'place branding' in many major cities with cities striving to attract and retain investment, businesses, talent and tourists by cultivating and projecting a stronger city brand in order to keep their economy up and encourage new business.

Arguably, London is one of the world's most vibrant and successful cities in the world. It currently sits at the top of the economic league tables alongside New York and for years has attracted people from all over the world to live, work and establish a new life. Because of this, 'Brand London' has become a highly desirable and valuable commodity. Brand London has allowed the city to bring in more overseas investment and benefit from the talents of students who come to the city to start their fledgling careers. However, Source Marketing Direct believe that the benefits of Brand London don't just revolve around drumming up outside interest in the city, but also has an effect on the overall outlook of the city, and has helped London to become more positive and driven as a community.

Source Marketing Direct is proud to be part of Brand London and believe that the global success of the city has played a part in their success over the years. The place branding of London has helped create and support some of Source Marketing Direct's most exciting clients by providing them with the ideal business environment to thrive in the city's open market. Brand London has also helped the firm to reach out to some highly talented people who have come to the city in order to gain entry into the business world. Through the firm's development programme Source Marketing Direct have been able to support the progression of these individuals and offered them the means to fulfil their business dreams and expand their skills.

Source Marketing Direct is a sales and marketing firm based in the heart of central London. The firm help their clients reach a wider target audience and create new leads through direct, face to face marketing communications. With 13 years of experience the firm work hard to create innovative marketing campaigns unique to each of their client's needs. Once created the firm roll out their campaigns throughout the UK and take the time to meet with each customer in person in order to ensure their individual needs are recognised and catered for. This approach has allowed the firm to generate impressive revenue for all their clients whilst at the same time nurturing and maintaining positive, long lasting customer relationships.

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