Smaller Smart Phone chargers will reduce CO2 emissions by thousands of tonnes

On the same day that a major new UN report says the impact of global warming is likely to be "severe, pervasive and irreversible", Made in Mind, the UK designer of the multi-award winning Mu smartphone charger has published its own independent report on how CO2 emissions can be reduced when producing and transporting smartphones and their chargers.

The Mu smartphone charger is some 70 per cent smaller than the standard UK plug and the global versions of The Mu also offer reduction in size and carbon footprint.

The analysis and report, produced by, was based around the replacing the existing charging solution for the current best-selling Android smartphone with The Mu UK folding smartphone charger. This charger is suitable for use in the UK, the UAE and in some far eastern markets like Hong Kong and Singapore.

The first substantial CO2 reduction was in the packaging of the Android smartphone. By using The Mu charger it has been calculated that the embedded carbon in the box and packaging can be reduced by almost a quarter, 24.36 per cent to be exact.

The reduction in CO2 footprint becomes even more pronounced when the analysis of the transportation is complete. Using a model of transporting a total of 20 million smartphones with The Mu Charger replacing the existing charger to three different locations, leads to an estimated saving of 2845 tonnes of CO2. It is based around a variety of fuel efficient transportation means (road, air and sea) with all units leaving an eastern Asia manufacturer and 10 million going to the UK, 5 million to the UAE and 5 million to Singapore and Malaysia.

The findings of the report are available to anyone who wishes to read or use it.

Matthew Judkins, CEO of Made In Mind commented, “It really is very straight forward argument. Smaller, better designed smartphone chargers can make a huge difference to CO2 emissions when transporting consumer electronics. As an industry we must find a path where clever design and portability has more importance than just using the cheapest solution regardless of its size."

“By the end of 2014 there will be over 1.75 billion smartphones in use. That is billions of clunky, single purpose, single territory chargers pilling up all over the world. The Industry has to act now to produce far more efficient and small devices.” Concluded Judkins.

Available for use with market leading phones from Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC and Motorola, The Mu is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the UK’s most recent product design successes and its second place in the 2013 UKTI SmartUK Mobile Innovation awards.

When not in use, The Mu folds down to a compact 14mm and thanks to its patented swivel mechanism the three pins of the plug are completely hidden, making The Mu 70 per cent smaller than a standard plug

The Mu has won a few awards too.

Winner: Overall Design of the Year –Design Museum, Design of the Year (2010)
Winner: Product Design of the Year – Design Museum, Design of the Year (2010)
Winner: Institute of Engineering Designers – Alex Moulton Award (2010)
Finalist: Wallpaper Design Awards (2010)
Winner: International Design Excellence Award (2009)
Runner-up: James Dyson Award (2009)


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