Small Businesses are Key to Britain’s Economic Growth Claim Atlas Outsourcing

With the UK economy looking healthier after an unstable few years, Atlas Outsourcing considers how small businesses could further contribute to the future growth of the economy.

There have been a number of recent reports that suggest the UK economy is reaching a recovery, and although the first quarter figures for 2014 were slightly less than analysts predicted the business world has remained highly optimistic. With around 4.9 million small business enterprises (SME’s) currently operating in the UK and accounting for 2 thirds of the private sector workforce, SME’s are playing a vital part in the economic recovery.

Small businesses are integral in building and developing strong communities. The success of a small business can quickly echo across the local area, providing valuable resources to the local community. If a small business is supported and makes a profit, not only will that profit go back into the local economy through staff wages and taxes, the success of that business will attract other fledgling enterprises to the area and long term, will build a small hub of independent and unique enterprise.

The success of small businesses lies in their ability to keep their products and services of a high quality. Working in smaller teams, with many of the business owners remaining at the centre of all business processes, means that all customers receive what could easily be considered as a higher standard of service and a far more personalised touch. The UK’s small craft industries for example are quickly gathering steam and are now well renowned for the quality and craftsmanship of their products. This has created a high demand overseas for the UK’s small businesses, and if this demand is followed up it could provide a further boost to the UK economy. However many small businesses are not finding it easy to take the leap overseas, and despite the 29% increase in UK trade with non EU countries since 2009, there is still room for improvement. 

The demand overseas for UK industry should be seen as a celebration of UK enterprise, spanning a wide range of sectors from food and drink to digital technologies. By increasing their customer range small businesses could not only boost their own growth but bring a huge percentage of profit back into the UK economy. The International Festival of Business is helping the UK’s SME’s break into foreign markets by allowing them the means to make easier connections overseas without having to battle the larger corporations, an idea that Atlas Outsourcing feel is a step in the right direction.

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