Size isn't everything Phase One Systems introduce the Core

Contrary to popular belief size doesn’t matter, measuring in at a diminutive 22x20x6cm Phase one systems are proud to unveil their first creation the Core. Squeezing up to an i7 processor into an almost incomprehensibly small chassis enables the Core to run much faster than its appearance would suggest. Designed, manufactured and assembled in England Phase one systems are here to show the desktop computer is far from dead just evolved.

Designed to be the worlds most customisable home computer, each system is built unique to the clients wishes so that no two Cores will ever be the same. Capable of being finished in a myriad of finishes and fully customisable internally and externally to a level unheard of in the industry before, the Core seeks to demolish the pre-conceived notions of computers as simple black boxes.

Taking in excess of a week to build the case alone, uniquely constructed from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium. Phase one systems are here to prove computers can be showpieces of art, engineering and technology merged into a perfect fusion built for individuals seeking something truly different. Phase one systems are here to show what happens when you change the status-quo and do something revolutionary. Un-compromising and built to only the highest standards the Core is a new way of looking at home computers

Phase One Systems was set up to re-invigorate the PC industry to prove that PC's can be showpieces of art, design and technology. We set out to create computers utterly unsurpassed in quality, form and function by utilising techniques and construction methods never before attempted in the PC industry. The Core represents our first system and there will be many more to come. For more information visit:

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