Shaking up the world of bodyguard hire

We live in uncertain times. Global tension, the increased public availability of information about the wealth and lifestyles of individuals, and technological developments in industrial espionage all make having top quality personal security an absolute necessity.

But how do you ensure that the protection you get is exactly what you and your family or employees need? For years, the only option has been to contract with a private security company, and to rely on them to provide you with the right Close Protection Operative (CPO) to keep you secure. But the world of bodyguard hire just had a shake up with the launch of the independent Bodyguards Direct database. The iBD database allows independent CPO’s to register their own profiles, which are then accessible to potential clients the world over.

"There will always be a role for private security companies," said iBD founder, David Dodge. "If your needs are particularly complex, knowing that your protection is being effectively coordinated is very important. But for most tasks, being able to deal direct with your bodyguard has so much to offer: you get to tell him or her exactly what it is that's concerning you, you build up a relationship of trust, and you can be confident that s/he is providing you with the appropriate level of protection. And, of course, you both benefit from agreeing the fee direct - no agency fees for the you, no agency cut for the bodyguard."

Using the iBD database to find a bodyguard gives you far greater control over who protects you and the people who are important to you. As members provide full details of their qualifications and experience, their physical build and the languages they can offer, and of when and where they are available to work, you are able to choose exactly the right person for you, and don't need to risk being sent someone who simply happened to be available on the day. And the bodyguards on the iBD database all have access to the members only resource centre where a range of top quality equipment and services are available to buy or hire, at significant discounts, enabling them to provide you with an even better level of protection.

"So much of the close protection service is down to the relationship between client and operative," continued David Dodge, "and the database is the first step in getting that right. You can identify our subscribers who look like they will meet your needs, and contact as many, or as few, of them as you wish, with no obligation to take things any further. Getting a bodyguard whom you trust, and who you are confident will provide the highest level of protection for you and the people who are important to you is too important to leave to someone else."

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