Say Hi-Lo to a new High Protein, Lower Carb Bread at Sainsbury’s

No carbs before Marbs is all well and good but for those finding it hard to give up their daily bread, there’s now a nutrition-packed loaf available at the local supermarket that’s helping bread lovers curb their carbs and top up their protein intake too. Hi-Lo combines high protein and lower carbs in one deliciously seeded wholemeal loaf and is the first bread of its kind to arrive on UK supermarket shelves. Up until now, high-protein loaves have been the reserve of specialist websites and retailers and have carried a high price tag to match, but priced at just £1.69 for a 400g loaf, Hi-Lo costs less than half the price of other high-protein loaves and is available now from Sainsbury’s. Unlike some low carb breads that lack texture and flavour, the Hi-Lo feel-good loaf packs a big punch. It offers a nutritious AND delicious way to increase your protein intake and contains 65% less carbs than a standard white loaf. With wholemeal flour and healthy seeds for sustainable energy, it’s also high in fibre so can help kick-start your day a more healthy way without giving up your daily bread. SAY HI-LO TO THE BENEFITS · 65% less carbs than white bread · 50% of an adult’s daily protein requirement in three slices · High fibre · Contains grains and seeds, and fibre-rich wholemeal flour for sustainable energy · No artificial preservatives, especially no calcium propionate unlike some other lower carb breads Hi-Lo is perfect for the health conscious, dieters looking to reduce carbs, vegetarians wanting to boost their intake of non-meat protein and anyone who simply wants to eat tasty, nutritious bread. With protein contributing to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, it’s also good for sports enthusiasts looking for a source of protein beyond sugary bars and shakes. With more protein than regular bread, it’s also great for a family fill-them-up breakfast and is perfect for toast, sandwiches and packed lunches. With latest industry research revealing that nearly half of the UK population are interested in trying high protein breads1 and an estimated 40% of adults are looking to control their carb intake, Hi-Lo offers the perfect solution and is tapping into the trend for tasty, functional foods with healthy ingredients. Developed by Sue & Stephen Ville, a husband and wife baking team with over 30 years of industry experience, they are setting out to prove that a health and fitness bread can still be tasty. Sue Ville says, “We love bread and didn’t want to give up our favourite food but we’re also concerned about fitness and carb counting. With Hi-Lo we wanted to create bread with the benefits of higher protein, high fibre and lower carbs, so more of what you need and less of what you don’t.” HOW HI-LO COMPARES Hi-Lo has already gathered an army of fans where it’s been sampled and is on sale at Sainsbury’s (in store and online) priced £1.69 for a 400g loaf (from 21st May, for three weeks, it will be on promotion at £1.40). For more information, visit or find us on Facebook ENDS Further information, samples, photography available from: Sarah Turrell / [email protected] / 07958 397637 Emma Cantrill / [email protected] / 07788 757377 NOTES TO EDITORS 1 Mintel 2013 · 44% of UK customers are interested in trying high protein breads (Mintel, 2013). · One third of UK weight watchers are concerned about carb levels in bread (Mintel, 2013). · 39% of bread users would buy more bread if convinced of its health benefits (Mintel, 2012). · 60 million loaves of high protein bread were sold in Germany last year (Uldo, 2013). · The sports nutrition market in the UK is worth £230m per annum and is growing at 14% per year (Euromonitor, 2013). · The market for protein products was worth £170m in 2012 and is predicted to be worth £358m by 2017 (Mintel, 2013). SOME CUSTOMER COMMENTS “Yummy and definitely now a solid part of my diet” David, St Albans “I normally make all my own bread (fun, cheap, tastes better, know what's in it) but the very decent taste combined with great nutritional profile for the active, carb-conscious vegan will make me add a loaf or two a week to the house shop! Impressive value considering the often-silly prices of other non-animal healthy proteins.” Sam Chlls “I just wanted to say that your bread is a wee godsend. I've recently embarked on a low-carb detox and thanks to your bread I can still enjoy two slices of toast with poached eggs in the morning without exceeding my 5g a meal portion limit, and your bread tastes good and it's generously sliced. I have a Sainsbury's over the road and it was a massive relief to spot your loaf. Thank you!” Yasmin Selena Butt. ABOUT HI-LO Hi-Lo is the first high protein, lower carb loaf to launch in a UK supermarket. It is made by The Bread Roll Co. Ltd, a leading supplier of innovative and quality breads and bread rolls to supermarkets and food service customers. The company is run by Sue and Stephen Ville.

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