Reprinted historical novel The Year of the Horsetails wins gold in Dan Poynter’s Ebook Awards!

The long-lost historical novel The Year of the Horsetails by R. F. Tapsell, concerning the struggle of a sedentary people against a medieval nomadic empire, has won Gold in the Historical Literature Fiction- Medieval category of the 2014 Dan Poynter’s Ebook Awards. It was first published in 1967, long out of print, and republished last year by the specialist company CNPosner Books.

A synopsis (non-spoiler) follows below:-

Eastern Europe: Early Middle Ages. The nomad warrior Bardiya
must flee from the evil empire of the Mongol-like Tugars and
their ruthless Kagan. He receives hospitality from the sedentary
Slavic Drevich people; but fears that they also might succumb to
the might of the Tugar empire. Will he be able to convince them
of their danger and teach them the skills necessary to defeat their
new enemy?

The book is also a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2014 in Historical Fiction. This contest is said to be the largest NOT-FOR-PROFIT book awards program for independent authors and publishers. 

It has won an honourable mention in General Fiction at the London Book Festival 2013

Some reviews of the book :-

“Year of the Horsetails is a great example of historical fiction that Tapsell keeps short and to the point, but still very information and interesting, and a delight for any fan of the genre.” Alex Telander: City Book Review

“Originally published in 1967, "The Year Of The Horsetales" is one of those 'lost treasures' of popular literature that has been ably recovered and once again made available to a whole new generation of appreciative readers. A thrilling action/adventure tale that is a deftly woven entertainment from first page to last, "The Year Of The Horsetails" is very highly recommended reading.” Midwest Book Review

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