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Business is littered with many challenges, and without the right approach professionals can quickly lose momentum. Pro UK Consultants share their advice on how to keep productivity high no matter what the challenge.

About Pro UK Consultants:

Pro UK Consultants are confident that in order to survive as an entrepreneur, individuals must be able to manage their time effectively and get things done. Despite the business world presenting many barriers to first time entrepreneurs and business owners the firm believe that with the right preparation and mind set, productivity doesn't have to suffer and success can be achieved.

To aide professionals in their quest to maintain high productivity Pro UK Consultants have shared their top tips.


Without a set schedule professionals can easily wander off course and waste too much time on projects which are not a priority. Pro UK Consultants believe business professionals should approach their schedule in the same way as they would approach a class timetable, setting time frames and deadlines for each task to ensure everything gets completed.

Don't be Afraid to Delete

A task that is being constantly rescheduled is usually a task that doesn't really need to be on a schedule. Professionals need to value their time, putting of a task in favour of more important things is often a sign that the task in question could be delegated or deleted altogether.

Target Distractions

A ten minute break can easily become a lost hour if time wasting activities such as checking Facebook or chatting to colleagues aren't eliminated. Professionals can boost their focus by installing site blocking applications on their computer, or by setting clear office hours.


Looking after their health can make a big difference to professionals. Exercise and sleep can help to increase focus, boost moods and provide the energy needed to get more done. By ensuring there is dedicated time in their daily schedule to address their health needs business professionals will see a stark increase in their motivation and workplace performance.

Allow Time to Wake up Your Brain

No one is at their best first thing in the morning and it often takes time for a person's brain to clear and focus. Professionals should allow themselves enough time in their morning routine to 'wake up' their brain and create a positive mind set before entering the workplace.

Group Tasks

Grouping similar tasks can help a professional to really focus their attention and save time. It can also provide a greater sense of accomplishment once completed which will help drive a professional towards the next task.

Create a Weekly Strategy

Professionals should sit down and think about what they want to accomplish before starting a new week. From this they will be able to create a concise and clear to do list and plan out their time much more effectively.

Pro UK Consultants believe that without a strong urge to develop and maintain a high level of productivity new entrepreneurs and business owners will struggle to achieve growth for their businesses.Because of this, Managing Director Jameel Paul has made productivity a key topic within the firm's training and development programme 'many people let procrastination get the better of them, however learning how to overcome it although challenging, can give people a hugely competitive edge'.

Pro UK Consultants are specialists in event marketing and face to face customer communication. Through unique retail events and promotions the Birmingham based firm help businesses to increase customer acquisition, improve customer loyalty and generate impressive sales results, providing them with the means to grow and develop their businesses.

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