Pro UK Consultants Start-up Sales Guide: Selling Vision vs Reality

Start-up businesses are driven by the determination to sell, and the belief that the product is the new best buy on the market. Pro UK Consultants discuss the importance of ensuring selling vision is well balanced with reality.

Pro UK Consultants is a direct sales and marketing firm located in Birmingham’s City Centre. The firm runs event-based campaigns in order to improve their clients’ brand awareness, brand loyalty, customer acquisition and ultimately drive sales. The firm has years of experience in the sales industry, which has led to their decision to boost clients sales through a face-to-face marketing approach as they believe this is the most personal and effective method of increasing sales and long-term customers.

Pro UK Consultants claim that it is essential to business success that sales reps focus their pitches on the reality of their sales situations. The firm believes that selling with too much vision generates over-promises and under-deliveries.

In order to help sales reps understand more about what they should include in their pitches, Pro UK Consultants has released a guide to selling vision with reality.

Resist the Urge to Oversell
In a sales situation, it is crucial to resist the urge to over-sell on the vision. Sounding bias and having unbridled optimism will put the potential prospect off. As well as this saying anything to push the sale may make the product sound more amazing than it actually is. This inconsistency between the sales promises and delivery will upset the customers that do buy.

Sell the Vision – Just not too much
Address the difference between what is on offer now and what the customer wants in an ideal situation. If crucial features are going to go live within the next 2-4 weeks then it’s okay to start selling them to prospects. Just inform them about the timeline and then let them decide if they want to begin using the product now or wait. Additionally, it’s important to deliver on the promise of bringing those new features to market as scheduled. When in doubt, it’s best to under-promise and over-deliver. Tell the client four weeks when it may actually be ready in two but not the other way around.

Don’t Let Them Buy...Yet
Clients will appreciate the fact that the firm will not accept their money until the product is ready to deliver the results they need. Be honest if the update does not look like it will be released on schedule and inform the customer that this is not the right time to buy, but follow this up by asking them whether they can be contacted when the product is available and ready to go. Give the customer regular updates on progress and once everything is ready go back and close the deal. These customers will appreciate the effort to deliver the services they need before taking their money.

Get Brand Advocates
Being honest informs customers that their best interest is at the heart of the brand and for this they will love and recommend the brand and its products to others. They appreciate the effort of putting their interest over the brands’ and they respect that commitment. In sales, it’s important to truly care for customers; it’s what pays off in the long-run.

Three Steps to Selling Vision and Reality
Pro UK Consultants have reviewed the three key things that will help reps sell with vision while basing the pitch within the reality of what the company has to offer.

  • 1.Start with the reality of where the company/product is today.
  • 2.Promise where the firm is taking the product tomorrow.
  • 3.Give the prospect some vision about where the product is headed in the next year or two.

Pro UK Consultants say that it is important to be realistic with product offerings and to be confident in delivering the services that the prospect needs before closing the deal.

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