Pro UK Consultants Ltd Praise Marketing Society for Honouring Bold Leadership Brands

With leadership and the teaching of leadership being an integral part of its business, Pro UK Consultants Ltd voice their support for honouring a range of household brands for their ‘bold leadership’ techniques.

The Marketing Society is an exclusive global network of senior marketers. The Marketing Society encourages its members to become bolder leaders and helps them to think differently about the challenges they face. Their program is designed to encourage interaction, participation and they focus on customer champions, growth drivers, digital network, marketing for good, and business to business. The Marketing Society’s aim is to help marketers think differently and inspire bolder marketing leadership. It is the place for marketers to learn, develop and share best practice to become improved marketing leaders.

The brands that have been honoured for promoting bolder leadership are: BrainJuicer, British Airways, CSM Sport & Entertainment, Green Banana Marketing, Herdmeister, Hiscox UK, Mars Chocolate UK, Monster, Paddy Power, RSA, The Ashton Group and Thinkbox. Pro UK Consultants feel that it is a great idea to support these bold thinking brands because these are the brands that are making the risky decisions in business and are going beyond using the data available to them.

Bold thinking in marketing is about trying new things, new ways of engaging with customers and evolving current ways of working. Whilst it is extremely important to use your instincts and be innovative, you do not need to have data points to back up your bold thinking. Being bold is about doing things that you know are successful even if they may be seen as ‘boring’. Sticking with what you know will work can be bold. Bold thinking in marketing is daring to do the things that others aren’t talking about. Typically, within marketing, people think they should be doing whatever is popular at the moment. But the most important thing is to think about what’s truly right for the business, even if that means thinking differently.

Pro UK Consultants Ltd is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm located in Birmingham. The firm use face-to-face marketing techniques to create long-lasting, personal relationships between the clients’ brand and their customers. This helps to improve customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty as well as generating a higher return on investment compared to other more traditional forms of marketing. The firm develop marketing teams that are specifically trained for each client and their products which allows their approach to be flexible at their events.

Bold leadership is incredibly important in Pro UK Consultants’ business as it allows them to improve and expand. Leadership skills are valuable to making sales and progressing within the business. Pro UK Consultants offers development opportunities for everybody working alongside them to increase their leadership skills and personal development/growth. 

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