Pro UK Consultants Ltd Challenge DMA’s Study into Direct Marketing’s Emerging Trend

New research by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has provoked Birmingham’s Pro UK Consultants Ltd to express their concerns and disagreement with the DMA’s findings which claim, “Direct marketing is shifting from response to engagement.”

Pro UK Consultants Ltd have communicated their conflicting views on the new research from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), which claims “direct marketing is shifting from response to engagement.” ( The study further expresses how emphasising engagement over response has become an emerging trend for direct marketers which has resulted in replacing more conventional brand-building activity. Pro UK Consultants Ltd disagree with these new findings by the DMA and argue that the demand for proving the return on investment (ROI) has become more prominent. 

ROI is the performance measure that is used in marketing to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. Amongst the marketing industry, the ability to prove ROI has caused great debate, with many marketers struggling to offer their clients a return on investment. In a recent study conducted by Duke University’s Faqua School of Business, it revealed that fewer than half of respondents indicated that it’s easy to prove ROI to management. Pro UK Consultants Ltd, an event sales and marketing firm in Birmingham, pride themselves on always generating their clients a high ROI, which has given them a competitive advantage over other outsourced sales and marketing firms in the industry. “Obviously we agree engagement with consumers is important - that is a huge part of our direct marketing strategy at events - but to imply that response rates are less important is very difficult to believe,” explains Jameel Paul, managing director at Pro UK Consultants Ltd. 

The winners of this year’s DMA Awards has indicated a “clear trend of a shift in one-to-one strategy from a focus on direct response to direct engagement. It’s now time to redefine the meaning of direct marketing” ( As direct marketing is adapting to meet the new demands for direct engagement, Pro UK Consultants Ltd urge businesses and marketers to remember that proving ROI is just as important, and strategies should incorporate both to ensure maximum results. 

Pro UK Consultants Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Birmingham. Specialising in event marketing and in-store promotions, Pro UK Consultants Ltd provide cost-effective, results-driven marketing campaigns that allow for consumers to engage with their client’s brand. 


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