Pro UK Consultants: Industry Experience Trumps Higher Education

Following last week’s release of A-level results, Pro UK Consultants outline why they believe gaining industry experience is much more beneficial to today’s youth than a degree, for those pursuing career opportunities in the business and sales sectors.

In the current economic climate young people are finding it increasingly difficult to get a job. With many older citizens having been made redundant, young people are finding themselves up against these people in job interviews, even at entry level. ­So what are young people losing out to? Pro UK Consultants says that it’s simply experience, whilst they have been hoarded up in a classroom sitting their degree, others have been out to work and have gained first-hand experience with a company that a degree cannot give them. Benefits of this first-hand experience means that the person gets to see how a business operates, can create valuable contacts (it’s often who you know not what you know) and learn how to solve problems that text books never tell you about. There is a strong argument that three years learning on the job puts school leavers in just as good, perhaps an even better, position as those who have endured three years of fast living at university.

Pro UK Consultants is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm based in Birmingham, West Midlands. The firm specialise in setting up event-based promotions to improve clients’ branding/sales and national awareness. Pro UK Consultants believes that quality customer acquisition is a necessity for every company so they connect with their clients’ consumers through face-to-face interaction at their events to secure lasting and personalised relationships between the brand and consumer. This approach improves a brands customer acquisition, brand loyalty and brand awareness as well as generating quality sales for the brand.

Pro UK Consultants offer a Business Development Program for those involved in their business and they believe that this is a viable next step for college leavers. The Business Development Program’s purpose is to generate higher career targets for those involved with the firm; it aims to push those people through the company, into leadership and on to owning their own business. The Business Development Program teaches some key skills that cannot be taught in a textbook such as, sales techniques, decision making, business finances, public speaking, motivating others and some key leadership qualities. The Program has an incredibly high success rate and is the perfect choice for those not wishing to pursue university.

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