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LONDON (GMT) 24/04/2014 - 13:42

Pro UK Consultants Host Philanthropy Inspired Networking Event in Birmingham

Tuesday 31 December, 2013

the business world can learn a lot from philanthropy and charitable giving Birmingham-based Pro UK Consultants hosted a networking event which intended to bring the topic of Philanthropy into the lime-light and bring entrepreneurs together to discuss how to give back to their local economies.

Newly established customer acquisitions firm, Pro UK Consultants have been flourishing within the events marketing industry since their formation in February 2013; this is due to their effective and results driven marketing campaigns that allow for customers to engage with their client’s brands at events and retail venues. Now the firm have established themselves as one of the leading firms within the sales and marketing industry, Managing Director Jameel Paul took the opportunity to host a philanthropy inspired networking event in the West Midlands.

Philanthropy is the sense or caring, developing and enhancing ‘what it is to be human’ on both the benefactors and beneficiaries’ parts. According to a study by Ernst & Young, 89% of entrepreneurs donate money and research has shown that giving back is important to small businesses.

The Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit is due to take place June 2014. It is ‘the preeminent gathering of the world’s most powerful people for a critical discussion on applying wealth and resources to solve today’s most intractable problems’. Pro UK Consultants have been inspired by the success of previous summits and openly expressed their support for the summit in June 2014. Motivated by the success of previous summits, the Birmingham-based firm are due to host their own event to discuss Philanthropy in the UK and offer a networking opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Pro UK Consultants took the core values from the Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit and applied these to their own event to discuss how entrepreneurs of the West Midlands can give back to their local economies. The firm hosted a networking event which provided the perfect forum to meet and network with other philanthropically minded people from the West Midlands. Managing Director, Jameel Paul briefly spoke on the lessons he believes business owners should take from events such as the Philanthropy Summit which led to a thought-provoking discussion on the impact success has on society and local economies.

‘Entrepreneurs within the business world can learn a lot from philanthropy and charitable giving’ said Jameel Paul, Managing Director of Pro UK Consultants. ‘I think that businesses can learn a huge amount about authentic leadership. This is not because there are no good leaders in the business world, but there are a lot of fake leaders who are not inspiring. Within the world of philanthropy, there are a huge amount of inspiring leaders who people want to follow and learn from. In business, the more inspiring your leader is, then the more successful the business is likely to be’ added Jameel Paul.

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