Privilege Promotions Warn Evaluating Digital Marketing Becoming Increasingly Difficult

Recent research conducted by Pew Research Centre’s Internet Project reveals that 86% of internet users have tried to minimize the visibility of their digital footprints. Privilege Promotions warn that data complied via digital marketing may not reflect true consumer behaviour.

The study also shows that 55% of internet users have taken steps to avoid observation by specific people, organizations, or the government and that 37% of people believe that it is possible to be completely anonymous online.

Skipping adverts, blocking pop-up advertising and hiding their digital footprints are just a few things consumers do to try and preserve their identities online. Privilege Promotions ask how much this influences digital marketing.

Privilege Promotions is a lively, dynamic and thriving event-based direct marketing company in the centre of Leicester. The firm primarily focus on off-line marketing in their business and this is largely due to the higher return on investment it offers to their portfolio of clients. But what is it that makes direct forms of marketing more effective?

Will Ross, Managing Director of Privilege Promotions suggests it is the personal approach that direct marketing offers to consumers but this recent study into consumers’ online activity could provide further information. If consumers are covering up their browsing activity online how can a digital marketing strategy be measured correctly?

The study shows how people will go to extreme lengths to cover their digital footprint and people pointed out that they should have control over their online information. In many cases people said that it is very important to them that only they, or the people they authorize, should be given access to things such as the content of their emails, the people to whom they are sending emails, the place where they are online and the content of the files they download. Consumers are discovering more ways to hide this information meaning that a digital marketing strategy is difficult to measure correctly as the consumer information is hidden or inaccurate, making it near impossible to target the correct people and collect results.

With this recent study it seems direct forms of marketing are now proving to be more successful than ever. Using face-to-face engagement and personalised campaigns, firms like Privilege Promotions are at the fore-front of success. The results are easily measurable and often guarantee a higher return on investment, with many firms offering a ‘no win, no fee’ policy that gives the consumer faith in the company. By engaging with the customer directly, it encourages more loyalty to the brand and improves customer retention, making this form of marketing more effective and reliable than other digital marketing strategies. 

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