Privilege Promotions: Could the Rise of Digital be Beneficial for Direct Marketing?

Recent reports have suggested digital marketing is set to dominate the marketing industry in the next five years. Whilst this may act as a concern for some, Privilege Promotions look at why the announcement could be beneficial to direct marketing.

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A poll of 580 senior marketers from around the world discovered that digital marketing is predicted to account for 75% of media budgets in five years' time. This news could be seen as disastrous of direct marketing firms across the globe, However the report was also claimed that even the most digitally savvy companies, if continuing at their current rate of growth are way off reaching this five year target. Privilege Promotions, a Leicester based event marketing agency review why the report may not be bad news, and how the demand for direct marketing is still increasing despite the claims.

Digital marketing targets audiences through the use of email, apps, websites and social media. As technology becomes ever more advanced approaching consumers in this way has become a very attractive option for businesses. With people spending an ever increasing amount of time online many businesses are reaping the rewards of digital marketing and finding themselves able to spread brand awareness far more effectively than previous mass marketing techniques. Social media also allows businesses to interact with consumers, encouraging them to engage with their brand and ask questions. This is also an important aspect in direct marketing, whilst direct marketing may be a far broader term, the main component of the approach is to personalise the customer experience through consumer interaction and data collecting. Whereas digital marketing relies on online interactions, direct marketing approaches customers in person which can make a huge difference to customer acquisition and retention rates. A growing number of consumers are becoming wary of sharing information online, businesses who use direct marketing give customers the opportunity to interact with them face to face, which helps build lasting customer relationships and allows customers to feel more comfortable sharing information with a brand.

Privilege promotions believe it’s these benefits that have kept direct marketing services in demand despite the digital boom, and that direct marketers shouldn’t be concerned by the results of the report. Whilst many marketers are supporting digitals rise in order to meet changing consumer habits, most are positive about digital due to its potential to collect data. Accurate data can improve customer experience and analyse a business’s return on their investment. However, direct marketing in many ways already performs this task effectively. Direct marketing firms sales teams can collect accurate data direct from consumers and feed it back to the marketing team almost instantly. Privilege Promotions think that once more businesses understand direct marketing is a highly analytical process, and not an entire industry based on spam emails and junk mail, then many businesses will choose to combine marketing approach and use both digital and direct marketing data to build a highly accurate picture of their target audience. The rise of digital Marketing is only set to highlight the importance of precise data; digital marketing is still at its core a direct form of marketing which is good news for direct marketing firms who are sure to see the demand for their services continue to rise.

Privilege Promotions offer the clients the ability to connect with customers through interactive events and in-store promotional stands. They can target specific demographics or geographic areas depending on their clients’ requirements for a specific campaign.

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