Privilege Promotions Appeal to SME’s to Review Their Customer Service Strategies

Putting the customer first is rule number one in business; however, Privilege Promotions encourages small businesses to re-evaluate their customer service strategies, as they might not be as customer-centric as they think.

Nearly all small businesses start out with the best of intentions when customer service is concerned. In order to establish themselves and build up a customer base all young businesses begin with a strong customer centric outlook, otherwise they simply wouldn’t be able to get their idea off the ground. However Leicester based Privilege Promotions, a direct sales and marketing firm are concerned that many SME’s aren’t paying continuing attention to their customer service strategies, and that many may be letting standards slip without even realising.

With so many different aspects and approaches to consider, much of the problem shared by a lot of SME’s is that a customer centric strategy is hard to define. Being so hard to define it can be almost impossible to know whether it’s being fully achieved. However the key to a truly customer centric service lies in the businesses ability to think like a customer.

A customer’s decision to buy into a service or product is heavily influenced by the brands message or values. Customers will seek out brands that share their own values and to ensure success businesses need to recognise the importance of building a strong customer friendly brand which appeals to their customers’ emotions. Customers are attracted to brands that have a humanistic approach, they don’t want to deal with huge faceless corporations, they want to interact with a brand and feel a connection. By developing the personality of their brand businesses are far more likely to build long standing connections with customers and tap into the emotions customers experience at every stage of the buying process.

Privilege Promotions are eager for small businesses to realise the importance of a customer centric strategy, and have highlighted 5 tell-tale signs for businesses to look out for that suggest they may not be as customer centric as they think.

1) If a business can recite up to date sales statistics, but has no knowledge of their customer retention rates then chances are they are not focusing on their customers nearly enough.

2) Internally meetings are also telling of whether a business is neglecting their customers. If talk of sales, marketing and product development are heavy on the agenda, but customers are not then a business may need to review their priorities.

3) Businesses may think that their carefully laid out script for customer interactions meets all their customers’ needs, however in reality scripts always fall short. A scripted approach can never be personalised or flexible, many customers are left feeling frustrated when their queries require an off script answer which employees aren’t equipped to give.

4) Many businesses may think that their enterprise is working like a well-oiled machine, however in truth many employees within a business simply don’t communicate with each other. This is incredibly trying for customers who end up being passed around departments with each employee having no prior knowledge of the customer or their query.

5) The over use of company jargon is a sure fire way to build a barrier between customers and a business. All information should be universal and easy to understand to ensure businesses appear transparent and honest to their customers.

Privilege Promotions are a direct marketing firm specialising in building face to face connections between their clients and their customers. Through providing clients with the means to build relationships with their customers Privilege Promotions can help improve their clients’ revenue as well as increase customer retention. Due to their practices being so heavily customer focused privilege promotions are constantly updating and reviewing their customer service strategy to ensure they keep up with changing consumer trends. 

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