Prince William is running out of time to address his baldness according to FUE Hair Clinics©

Prince William is making no effort to cover up his ever-growing bald patch and he has famously joked that his son has way more hair than him!

Male-pattern baldness is the main cause of hair loss in men, affecting a staggering 6.5 million males in the United Kingdom. The condition earned its name from following a set pattern of a receding hairline, followed by thinning of the hair on the crown and temples. It can be a big issue for most men, even for Prince William, since one’s hair reflect his identity and personality.

Michael Psaltakis, the Managing Director of FUE Hair Clinics©, told us that by now Prince William has fulfilled a lot of his military, marital and paternal responsibilities, and it feels like it could be the right time in his life to do something for himself and address his baldness.

‘Prince William has always been putting the nation and his family first. Thus, having a hair transplant was probably never on the top of his to do list. But he is running out of time, if he really wants to effectively treat his baldness.’

FUE Hair Clinics© practices a painless and non-invasive hair transplant method known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Famous for not leaving any scars, the procedure works by extracting individual hair (follicles) from the sides and back of the head (‘donor areas’). The follicles are then inserted into the thinning areas, one by one, effectively creating a new hairline.

For Prince William, time is of essence, because the more he delays to address his baldness, the greater his hair loss will be and he will eventually reach a point of a non-reversible state. The reason being that he won’t have enough ‘donor’ hair to implant and cover his balding areas. Thus, hair transplant aside, the Prince needs to be prescribed a medicine called Finasteride in order to slow down the process and prevent a great future hair loss.

FUE Hair Clinics© believes that the stress of the job could also accelerate his hair loss. ‘Stress plays a major role in losing one’s hair and few jobs are as stressful as being the future king’.

‘Preparing yourself to become the king carries a lot of stress. It’s a highly demanding role which has seen Prince William thrust into the public eye from a young age, and we don’t think it’ll get any easier. Such a high pressure role can seriously fast-track his hair loss.’

There are a number of male celebrities out there who’ve proven just how effective the FUE procedure is, with Wayne Rooney’s being the most publicised case. Prince William could become the first royal to ever have an FUE hair transplant! Prince Harry has joked a few times about having better hair than his brother, but if we’re to trust his recent pictures, his hair has started to thin as well.

‘People often focus on the appearance of the royal ladies but little attention is given to the men. ‘A FUE transplant can easily ‘erase’ 7-10 years off your real biological age,’ explained Mr Psaltakis. And although Prince William is still young and handsome, after having an FUE transplant, the result would be quite noticeable. And as he will be getting older, he will look better and much younger. We truly believe that the public will support his decision 100 percent, if he is to have a hair transplant. After all, the whole nation loves Prince William and there is now a lot of support and sympathy for males who are going through male-pattern baldness.’

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