Prince Harry shows signs of balding, according to FUE Hair Clinics©

Prince Harry could well be losing his hair just like his older brother, Prince William. FUE Hair Clinics©, the leading Harley Street hair transplant centre, says that Prince Harry’s appearance at his cousin’s wedding suggests that the young Prince is beginning to show signs of balding.

Images of Harry at his cousin’s wedding appeared to show the on-set of a bald patch on the top of his head, despite the fact that he’s known for having a full head of hair.

FUE Hair Clinics© believes that, according to these pictures, Prince Harry might be going down the same way as William. The eldest prince has made no effort to cover up his own ever-growing bald patch. After the birth of his son, William joked outside the hospital that his son had way more hair than him!

FUE Hair Clinics© is a leader in hair loss treatments – having paved the way with the pioneering Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method – and frequently respond to industry news, views and research. Michael Psaltakis, Managing Director of FUE Hair Clinics©, has looked at recent images of Prince Harry at the wedding, which were published in the British media, and concluded that there are certainly signs of balding.

“There are definite signs of balding in the pictures that we’ve seen. It seems that Prince Harry is following the footsteps of his brother Prince William. Fortunately it’s still very early days for Prince Harry and he still has the choice to reverse the balding with the right treatment and prolong his young, good looks.

“Male-pattern baldness is one of the primary causes of hair loss in men. There are millions of men in the UK who are impacted by male-pattern baldness and it does seem to be something that’s quite prevalent in the Royal family. Fortunately the technology is now available to provide an amazing permanent result.

“The FUE Hair Transplant is a painless and non-invasive method. The FUE procedures don’t leave any scars and as such are the perfect option for people wanting to get back a healthy looking head of hair.”

This FUE hair loss treatment is growing in popularity. Several well known celebrities have had the procedure and Mr Psaltakis says that the tide is starting to turn.

“It wasn’t too long ago that men who were suffering hair loss were without an affordable, viable option. Thankfully technology has come a long way and the FUE Hair Transplant has taken over unsightly wigs and shaved heads.”

“The only downside to hair loss today is that the longer it’s left unaddressed, the more troublesome it is to reverse the damage. As a result we’ve seen many more people having a hair transplant before hair loss becomes too serious.

“If Prince Harry or Prince William had an FUE procedure, we think that the British public would be well behind their decision.”

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