Pinnacle Promotions Outlines 7 Lessons All Marketers Should Know

Sales and event marketing firm, Pinnacle Promotions in London outlines 7 lessons that all marketers must know for 2016.

Social trends driven by the digital revolution are changing consumer behaviour and demands, and will continue to do so. These changes can be hard to understand, but if a company can do this and transform its customer service accordingly, it has the opportunity to outperform both the existing competition and the new entrants who will disrupt the future landscape.

In a recent article on (7 lessons marketers can learn from Nestle Waters CMO, published on 10th December 2015) 7 lessons marketers can learn (from the CMO of Nestle Waters) on how to leverage technology to drive a seamless customer experience were revealed. Sales and event marketing firm Pinnacle Promotions review these 7 lessons below.

1. Set clear KPIs to avoid buying unnecessary solutions. Pinnacle Promotions states that marketers should identify which solutions will help them achieve their goals and only buy the solutions they need.

2. Think about a business as a whole, not just marketing. Pinnacle Promotions state that it is important that marketing goals to align with the rest of an organisation's goals and targets.

3. Ensure that a brand's call to action reflects where customers are in their buying journey. Pinnacle Promotions states that this should reflect a customer's current relationship with a brand.

4. Concentrate on fostering communities within a database. Pinnacle Promotions states that this will best determine how to engage with and target different customer groups.

5. Know the brand's role in the customer journey. Pinnacle Promotions states that focusing on a brand's target audience will help marketers to identify a brand's role.

6. Let data shape creativity, not define it. Pinnacle Promotions states that data analysis should come after creativity.

7. Be prepared to test and learn. Pinnacle Promotions states companies should still be flexible when trying out new platforms.

Pinnacle Promotions is a sales and event marketing firm based in London. The firm specialise in creating exciting and effective event marketing campaigns that bring their clients' products and services directly to the consumer. These event marketing campaigns allow for customers to experience a positive and personalised buying experience so that they can really build a connection with the brand; which leads to increased customer loyalty.

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