Pinnacle Promotions on Making Waves within the Sales and Marketing Industry

Pinnacle Promotions revealed this week that they are on course to hit a personal best in terms of the sales they generate for their clients. Here, the firm share some of their sales secrets and outline what the future holds for them and the industry in general.

About Pinnacle Promotions:

Pinnacle Promotions is a London based sales and event marketing firm. The firm help their clients to expand their market reach and increase their sales through face to face, event marketing techniques. With technology having taken over the customer experience in recent years many consumers are growing frustrated with automated and impersonal service and feel disconnected from their favourite brands. Pinnacle Promotions believe improving the customer experience is key to generating sales and work with their clients to reconnect them to their target audience through face to face consumer engagement. The firm implement their campaigns in retail venues throughout the UK and take the time to get to know each customer and their unique needs. This helps to create meaningful relationships between brand and consumer, and allows the firm's clients to gain a deeper understanding of their customers which helps them to deliver better products and services which in turn leads to more sales.

Because of their commitment to improving the customer experience and building stronger relationships with customers Pinnacle Promotions have been incredibly successful in generating a high quantity of sales for their clients.

The firm recently revealed that they are on course to beat their personal best in terms of sales, marking a record breaking year for the relatively young firm. With such a huge milestone on the horizon, the firm are keen to help other small businesses boost their sales revenue and have offered the following sales secrets.

Embrace the basics.

No business can improve their sales revenue without understanding and getting to grips with the basics. Doing the research, listening to leads and responding promptly and professionally may all seem like obvious steps when trying to close a sale however Pinnacle Promotions believe that many would be surprised to discover that many businesses have not yet mastered these key fundamentals. The firm are urging businesses not to lose sight of the basics, no matter what distractions the business world may throw at them as these core practices if performed well, will give a business real integrity and be the edge they need to stay on top.

Build a powerful experience

Developing a powerful and lasting experience is what transforms leads into customers and encourages them to stay loyal. In order to create this experience businesses need to find out exactly what it is a lead wants and then strive to deliver this and more. Pinnacle Promotions believe this is why face to face communication is so important in closing sales as it allows a business to really get to know each customer as an individual and form a strong personal connection. From this, businesses are able to craft an experience unique to each customer and show them that they are valued as an individual and that they take their needs seriously.

After generating such impressive results for their clients, Pinnacle Promotions have got a busy month ahead of them. As well as moving towards their goal of achieving a personal best in sales, the firm's Managing Director Paul McGrath recently announced that he has been invited to an industry event in Ireland to deliver a speech to the next generation of industry leaders. Invited to share his experiences within the industry and inspire future business owners, Paul McGrath was honoured to be invited to the event and is looking forward to meeting the rising stars of the industry.

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