Pinnacle Promotions Inspired By The Story of Thomas Edison

To increase motivation and drive, Pinnacle Promotions have promoted in a recent workshop the motivational story of Thomas Edison, and how he overcame challenges to become one of the world's most famous inventors.

About Pinnacle Promotions:

When it comes to overcoming failures and pursuing goals, no one can inspire quite like American Inventor Thomas Edison. It is well documented that in his efforts to perfect the design for the lightbulb Edison tried and failed thousands of times before reaching his eureka moment, all whilst experiencing the added pressure of other inventors at the time trying to pip him to the post.

Pinnacle Promotions, a London based sales and event marketing firm believe that today, budding entrepreneurs and innovators can learn a lot from Edison's tenacity and dedication to his craft. Many innovators like Edison are often subjected to doubt and negativity from their peers and are often branded as a little crazy, however Edison's story shows that with a lot of self-belief even the seemingly impossible can be achieved. The firm also believe that Edison's creative journey highlights how success resides on the other side of failure and that entrepreneurs and innovators should never give up when faced with failure and should instead push on through the obstacles in order to eventually reach greatness.

Pinnacle Promotions believe that Edison's achievements will be forever etched in history not just because of how they changed the way we live, but because they provide future generations with some important business lessons. Edison wasn't the first person to invent the lightbulb, but his persistence, flexibility and cunning propelled him to the top – the firm believe that this is a fantastic lesson for budding entrepreneurs as it highlights how even when faced with competition, an entrepreneur can succeed by thinking outside the box and focusing their attention on innovating in areas where others have failed or simply overlooked.

Pinnacle Promotions believe that it is also Edison's legacy as a visionary which can inspire future generations of entrepreneurs. At the first public demonstration of his working lightbulb Edison famously stated that “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles." The confidence he had in his abilities allowed him to think big and share his vision with the world. Pinnacle Promotions believe that entrepreneurs must share this level of confidence in their endeavours if they are to win support and reach their ultimate goals. They mustn't be afraid of facing adversity and should instead, Like Edison channel any negativity into the positive action needed to fulfil their vision and prove the doubters wrong.

Based in London, Pinnacle Promotions is an innovative sales and event marketing firm that supports brands in widening their market reach and raising their customer retention. Through face to face event marketing the firm meet with their clients' customers directly, taking the time to form lasting connections and understand their individual needs. These vital interactions allow the firm to offer each customer a unique experience and service, which drives engagement and loyalty to their clients' brands.

Pinnacle Promotions works with young entrepreneurs and promising business leaders on a daily basis and are keen to inspire these professionals to reach their full potential. As such, the firm regularly look to famous and well renowned entrepreneurs and innovators and share their stories in order to inspire positive action and progress within business.

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