Pinnacle Promotions Endeavour to Create Culture of Success

Newly established customer acquisition firm, Pinnacle Promotions outline the reasons why creating a positive company culture is important and instill this in their company ethos to ensure a culture of success is created.

Company culture is the personality of a company. It includes the company mission, values, ethics, expectations, goals and work environment. Newly established customer acquisition firm, Pinnacle Promotions, reviews the importance and benefits of company culture as the firm endeavour to create a culture of success.

Pinnacle Promotions believe that company culture is integral to the sustainability of a firm and is necessary for increased efficiency and appreciated by the work force. In contrast, a faltering company culture can have adverse effects on a business. Morals and ethics are strong building blocks for an effective organisation structure and an important element of a positive company culture; Pinnacle Promotions believe that management should be first in line to set clear examples of strong morals and ethics.

‘Company culture is becoming increasingly important in the war for talent’ stated Managing Director or Pinnacle Promotions, Paul McGrath ‘All types of companies recognize the importance of building a positive company culture and here at Pinnacle Promotions we take this seriously to ensure a culture of success is created’ added Paul McGrath.

Pinnacle Promotions outline 4 key practices that will create a positive company culture:

1. Define a clear vision – this is the first question that impacts everything else and must be as specific as possible for example, what do you want to build? The best customer service in the industry?

2. Determine which practices will drive achievement of what you want to create - which practices currently support what the firm is working to achieve? What gets in the way? Engaging people in the power and excitement of the company goals and in helping to achieve it is critical in cultivating a generative environment.

3. Creating an ongoing feedback and learning loop to make adjustments and continually improve – Pinnacle Promotions create a working environment that provides ongoing feedback and support to ensure everyone continues to learn and the company moves forward.

4. Reward what you want to see more of – hard work and good ideas should be thanked; excellence should be acknowledged at meetings. To ensure more innovation and initiative, more time must be created for fun and a safe space for learning.

Pinnacle Promotions are an events based direct marketing firm located on the outskirts of Newcastle. Managing Director, Paul McGrath is committed to creating a positive working culture to ensure the firm’s success for the future. Being a customer acquisition firm, a positive working culture is essential to ensure a positive approach is taken when building relationships with customers on behalf of the firm’s clients.

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