Phoenix Premier Acquisitions claims Positive Emotions are the secret to successful customer loyalty

Direct sales and marketing firm Phoenix Premier Acquisitions in Southampton claims evoking positive emotions throughout the entire customer buying experience is the key to ensuring consumers return.

Phoenix Premier Acquisitions are no strangers to developing a loyal customer base. Specialising in event-based on site promotions, the firm offers its clients a unique platform that brings brands to life and allows their clients to develop an emotional connection with the brand. An emotional bond creates a memory that will positively connect the consumer with the client.

About Phoenix Premier Acquisitions:

Phoenix Premier Acquisitions shares their tips on how to form an emotional bond with a consumer:

Live chat: 69 percent of consumers want to be heard. With mobile devices making communication easier it is important to ensure that platforms are available and manned for queries, complaints and orders to be received and responded to. Dedicate a team to ensuring each query is dealt with, and the consumer is satisfied with the response and outcome.

Personalised email communication: Brands are able to use CRM Programs to create and send personalised emails. It is important to tailor each communication as much as possible.

Personalised product recommendations: By utilising consumer data, provide real life recommendations to boost add on sales and increase profit margins.

Loyalty program: By developing a point scheme, consumers feel value is added to their purchase. Providing freebies or store credit is a great way to create a positive connection with the consumer.

Sense of mission: Modern consumers like to know more about brands and their ethos. In a saturated market a brand's mission can secure a sale over price point. Communicate the brand message instead of product promotions to create a long-lasting relationship with a consumer.

Phoenix Premier Acquisitions offer its clients a completely personalised and direct service that allows them to commit to evoking positive emotions throughout the entire interaction. The firm believe that by touching on all the consumer's positive emotional hot spots, it provokes solely positive emotions associated with the brand and product.

Phoenix Premier Acquisitions is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Southampton. The firm specialises in engaging with consumers on a face-to-face basis to foster long-lasting, personal relationships between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

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