Pheonix Premier Acquisitions Criticise Study Claiming All Customer Relationships are Digital

Outraged by the results of a new study claiming that all effective customer relationships with a brand are digital, Phoenix Premier Acquisitions promote their direct marketing campaigns, highlighting the importance of face-to-face interactions with today’s consumers.

According to an article posted at Digital Marketing Magazine, the results of a new study claim that digital tools give customers a more immediate, personal and ‘in control’ relationship with brands. Luke Walker, founder and Managing Director of Phoenix Premier Acquisitions, says: “Certainly, the importance of digital marketing keeps increasing; however no approach is as personal as a face-to-face conversation.” Luke Walker insists that having a conversation by looking into someone’s eyes and observe their body language is what can really make a difference.

The study claims that brands that are able to provide specific digital interactions and maintain a digital relationship with customers over time will seize the market in the coming years. It states that creating a digital customer relationship that allows the consumer to pick up on a conversation where they left off will help brands to relate to customers on a consistent basis and create loyalty.

About Phoenix Premier Acquisitions:

The direct marketing firm Phoenix Premier Acquisitions cannot agree with the results of this research and raise the question of how personal an experience can be by talking to a virtual character through a digital platform. Phoenix Premier Acquisitions are of the opinion that this is unrealistic as firms can take days to respond to a message on Facebook or Twitter for example. “Digital marketing will certainly play a more and more important role in the future and is surely essential to adapt to people’s lifestyles; however it will never replace a thorough face-to-face conversation”, insists Luke Walker of Phoenix Premier Acquisitions. “No digital platform can compete with eye contact, a specific gesture or facial expression, a warm smile or even a joke if appropriate”, continues Luke Walker.

Phoenix Premier Acquisitions are one of the leading outsourced sales and marketing companies in the Hampshire area. By running innovative marketing campaigns and creating a personalised customer experience, their main focus is to bring their clients and the consumer together. “We speak to people face-to-face which allows us to adapt quickly to their needs. We take the time to explain and have a personal chat with them”, explains Luke Walker of Phoenix Premier Acquisition. “This really makes a difference in today’s fast-paced environment.” Luke Walker adds: “It is ironic, everyone is constantly connected and busy engaging through their devices. As result however, people engage less with others in person and rarely have ‘real’ conversations with a sales person.”

Luke Walker reveals that Phoenix Premier Acquisitions are planning to expand into further markets by the end of this year due to their clients’ demand. In quarter one, the outsourced sales and marketing firm has achieved an increase in sales of 23 per cent for their clients and a remarkable 42 per cent increase in customer retention. Luke Walker explains that face-to-face marketing produces immediate results. Furthermore, direct consumer feedback from personal conversations can be passed on to Phoenix Premier Acquisitions’ clients straight away and they can act on it accordingly and as a result, increase customer satisfaction. “Our clients are fully in control and we see a clear trend that face-to-face marketing is increasingly appreciated by brands”, says Luke Walker who is certain that no other marketing method can be more immediate or personal than a face-t-face interaction and leave a brand in such control to determine their success.”

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