Personalisation is Critical for Business Success Claims Pro UK Consultants

Pro UK Consultants, a face-to-face marketing firm urge more businesses to address the personalisation of their methods, and claim there is more to it than owners realise.

Pro UK Consultants is Birmingham’s leading event marketing firm; founded in early 2013 by Managing Director Jameel Paul. The firm specialise in organising event-based promotions to improve clients’ sales and national brand awareness. Pro UK Consultants develop marketing units that are specifically trained for specific client needs and requirements depending on the products and services on offer to consumers. Using only face-to-face methods, Pro UK Consultants can fully express the clients' message both clearly and in detail, building personalised and individual relationships with potential and existing customers.

The Direct Marketing Report Plus 2014 estimate that direct marketing in the UK grew by approximately 8.6% in 2013, displaying continued growth in recent years that has resulted in direct marketing campaigns being responsible for around a quarter of all UK sales generated in the past year. At Pro UK Consultants their approach to direct marketing adds a personal touch. As opposed to TV advertisements, direct mail or telesales, the firm develops a rapport with prospective customers and addresses their specific needs at the event; with the advantage of visual demonstrations and product samples. Through this face to face engagement, the firm can also understand consumer behaviour as feedback is obtained by the customer straight away. Pro UK Consultants are able to relay this feedback directly back to the client so any alterations can be made to ensure profit margins are kept high.

True personalization is more than just customising a promotional email or newsletter with each customer’s first name; it’s about creating unique experiences for each and every customer. Due to increased use and awareness, many businesses are starting to understand what personalization is and why it is so important. Pro UK Consultants outline the main reasons why personalizing the sales experience is so important:

It makes more money

Recent research by Econsultancy found that businesses that use personalisation technologies are seeing an average uplift of 19% in sales. In addition, 59% of marketers reported that their personalisation strategies are delivering a good return on their investment.

Customer’s expect it

Research reveals that 84% of customers would no longer buy from a certain organisation if it failed to acknowledge their preferences and purchasing history. In addition, 50% of customers would be more likely to use a retailer again if they were presented with offers and information that were relevant to their preferences.

Competitors are already doing it

A massive 94% of businesses agree that personalisation is considered critical to future and current success. With this in mind, there’s a great chance that competitors have a personalisation strategy in place.

Not doing it is a risk

Currently, the average cost of losing a customer is at £147. Multiply this a few times and it could equate to great financial loss. Businesses unable to provide a personalised experience risk frustrating their customers, resulting in a significant profit loss.

‘In today’s relentlessly competitive marketplaces, knowing what customers want and promoting products and services in the right way, with the right context and at the right time has never been more important,’ summarised Managing Director of Pro UK Consultants, Jameel Paul.

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