Personalisation is Critical for Business Success Claim Mazonai

Mazonai, a face-to-face marketing firm based in Luton, urge more businesses to address the personalisation of their methods, and claim there is more to it than owners realise.

New research shows that 84 per cent of consumers would no longer do business with an organisation that would not acknowledge their preferences and purchasing history. Ausra Mazonaite, MD of direct marketing firm Mazonai, says: “In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must adapt quickly and strive for a personal customer experience. Alternatively, they may lose out. Customers know what they want and don’t hesitate to go to the competition if they feel that they will be better looked after elsewhere.”

Mazonai are a direct sales and marketing firm. The company’s sales force promotes and sells products and services on behalf of Mazonai’s clients by meeting consumers on a face-to-face basis. Mazonai say, their approach adds personality to the brand and boosts brand loyalty. As a result, Mazonai have increased their clients’ sales by remarkable 31 per cent in quarter two compared to last year.

In an article posted on Retail Times, Anthony Wilkey, Regional Director of Account Management Group SmartFocus, states: “True personalisation is more than just customising a promotional email or newsletter with each customer’s first name; it’s about creating unique experiences for each and every customer.”

Ausra Mazonaite agrees and says: “Not personalising the customer experience is a huge risk to take.” She adds: “Businesses will lose out on revenue and it is only a matter of time to see a decline in sales. No business can afford to lose a customer.” In fact, research reveals that the cost of losing a customer is at £147 in average. “Now imagine you are losing ten customers, or 100. With the means of communication we have nowadays, customer opinions can spread rapidly,” insists Ausra Mazonaite.

Mazonai provide a personalised face-to-face approach and recognise repeat-customers. Personalised customer service creates a smoother and simpler experience by remembering and acknowledging what the customer’s interests are. “If a new customer approaches us, we listen carefully and make suggestions according to their needs. When we recognise regular customers, we already know their history, have a personal chat and make suggestions before they have to explain anything,” says Ausra Mazonaite who believes that by personalising the buying experience they create long-term loyalty and the 'wow factor' for consumers.

Looking at the figures, Mazonai’s unique approach is working well. Their goal for Q3 is now to increase their clients’ customer loyalty by at least 15 per cent which is expected to lead to a further boost in sales and return on investment. Personalisation will remain a hot topic in the years to come, with 94 per cent of businesses agreeing that it is considered critical to current and future success.

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