Paragon Worldwide Delve into the Inspiring Story of Stephen Curry

To inspire their contractors to persevere and create a winner’s mentality, sales and marketing firm Paragon Worldwide recently shared the incredible story of how NBA player Stephen Curry beat the odds and returned from injury with an unwavering determination to succeed.

About Paragon Worldwide:

For those who don’t follow the NBA the name Stephen Curry probably won’t mean much. However, for avid basketball fans across the globe, Stephen Curry is synonymous with determination, focus and a passion for success. Curry, for many, is much more than an American professional basketball player, having been named by sport analysts as the greatest shooter in NBA history, and winning the converted NBA Most Valuable Player Award multiple times. However the world held its breath in 2011 when Curry was taken out of the NBA in order to receive treatment for a severe injury on his right ankle.

For a year Curry was in and out of hospital both for his existing ankle injury and an issue with a tendon in his foot. As his absences clocked up, an increasing number of sports writers, pundits and even fans began to lose faith in Curry and some even considered him to be a risk rather than an asset to his team. However Curry refused to let his career choices and potential be impacted by doubters and rather than ending his Basketball career, Curry chose to overcome his setbacks and come back bigger and better than ever. Coming back from injury, Stephen Curry returned to the NBA and overtime broke an NBA scoring record of 17 points in just 3 minutes.

Paragon Worldwide states that even non-sports fans can learn a lot from Curry’s grit and determination, which is why they recently decided to share his inspiring story with their young sales and marketing contractors. In order to overcome not only his health challenges, but the increasing negative media that surrounded his performance, Curry chose to focus his time and energy on conditioning his mind set and think like a winner whilst recovering from his injuries.

Over the years there have been a number of studies conducted that focus on the surprising power of the mind. The studies showed that by taking two groups and asking one to train physically and the other mentality, the mentality trained group almost always generates a better score ratio. By practicing actions and scenarios in their mind, people are able to learn a skill better because they maintain a greater focus on strategy and creativity which allows them to react quicker and come up with effective solutions when performing the action physically later on.

Paragon Worldwide believes that in business as in sport - perfect practice makes perfect and as such are keen to encourage more young professionals to think like a winner and practice new skills in their minds as well as in person.

Based in Cork, Paragon Worldwide are specialists in direct marketing solutions and work with a number of local and international clients to help raise brand awareness, customer loyalty and generate a higher quantity of sales through face-to-face, tailored customer interactions.

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