Paragon Acquisitions Offer Advice on How to become a ‘Superstar Brand’

Outsource sales and marketing firm Paragon Acquisitions use their knowledge of brand awareness to identify how even small brands can become superstars.

The assumption that sales figures alone can accurately represent a brand’s popularity has recently been greatly disproved thanks to a study by advertising agency Leo Burnett. The study compared the public opinion of 5000 brands and found that there are many more factors than first realised that contribute to a brand’s popularity.

About Paragon Acquisitions:

Paragon Acquisitions suggest with so many new products entering the market everyday it’s more important than ever for businesses to increase their brand awareness and encourage a favourable reputation. Many brands have used their own values or beliefs to attract like-minded customers, whilst others have relied on creating a homey and honest personality to appeal to the family market. Whatever the approach, the way brands market themselves must fit with their personality in order for customers to view them positively and consider their products.

The recent study into brand popularity found 4 categories that leading household brands fall into, super stars, rising stars, settled greats and former glories. The latter of the four can be applied to brands that fail to adjust to changing consumer trends and rely on a small yet loyal customer base to keep sales coming. The super star brands represent brands that constantly convey a relevant message and embody fun and unique ‘quirks’ that give them an important and attractive human element.

Paragon Acquisitions, who specialise in helping clients, increase their own brand awareness and increase their customer base have, based on the study offered some advice to help smaller brands increase their popularity and become superstars.

Firstly it’s important to point out that brands should only market themselves in a way that’s relevant to their personality. For example a sophisticated women’s cosmetic brand aimed at the over 40’s would not be targeting the right audience through an extensive billboard campaign or by sending a sales team to hand out samples in the street. It simply doesn’t fit with the values of the brand. Brands should decide early on in the development process what exactly their core values are going to be and then chose a marketing campaign accordingly.

Brands need to establish where in the market they’re aiming to sit, obviously all brands want to be at the top of the market however with so many similar products on the market it’s important to develop an approach which highlights what makes them different from the competition. All brands have similar driving forces from building a connection with the consumers to developing their visibility to forming their longevity in the market. by focusing on what matters most to them be it constant visibility or becoming a quiet yet permeant market leader, brands need to work out what matters the most to them in order to build a strong reputation.

Finally, getting consumer insight into their perception of a brand is a vital step in ensuring whether the marketing message is reaching the emotions of the target audience. By regularly checking in with consumers brands can keep track of changing consumer needs and adapt their marketing in accordance to their customer’s needs.

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