Paragon Acquisitions: Are you struggling with company culture?

There's more to creating a positive company culture than setting up a pool table in the office, or offering workers free food. Sales and marketing firm Paragon Acquisitions review the importance of building and strong company culture and offer their advice.

A positive company culture is vital to business success claims Paragon Acquisitions. The firm, which holds a strong focus on supporting and developing their young workforce, believe that creating a positive company culture can not only benefit a brand, it can also improve customer relationships. A positive company culture ensures that the morale of a workforce remains high, which will then filter through to all aspects of the business, meaning that any customers who come into contact with the business are guaranteed to have a pleasant customer experience.

At the centre of all businesses is a set of core values and beliefs that helped to shape their individual brand identities. It's these central values which, not only attract customers who share the same outlook, but also attracts workers to a business. By attracting workers who share the same vision Paragon Acquisitions believe that businesses can build a positive culture with everyone involved working towards the same overall goal. For smaller businesses and start-ups, it can be easier to keep hold of the initial values that helped shape the company's culture, due to a smaller workforce and a tighter 'community' spirit. However, as a business grows and more people become involved, bringing with them new ideas and outlooks, some businesses' may find that their company culture suffers.

With company culture being so important to the firm, Paragon Acquisitions have shared their top tips on how to create a positive culture and working atmosphere.


Repetitive tasks are one of the biggest killers of staff morale. Paragon Acquisitions believe businesses should be constantly on the lookout for ways to streamline monotonous tasks, or ways to break boring work cycles.

Flexible Working Hours

As communication technology has developed, the need to work a set 9 to 5 has almost completely been abolished. Businesses should be aware of when their workers are most productive and aim to work with them to develop a schedule that works for both the business and the workforce.

Social Opportunities

By organising opportunities for workers to interact outside of the workplace, businesses could significantly improve their company culture by encouraging camaraderie. By encouraging workers to socialise outside of the workplace, businesses can reduce negative behaviours at work and increase job satisfaction and commitment.

Healthy Workspace

A workforce spends most of their week in the same space with the same people. Therefore it's important for a workplace to be healthy, welcoming and respected. By encouraging workers to look after their workspace, whilst at the same time allowing them the freedom to personalise it and create a home away from home, businesses can boost staff morale.

Paragon Acquisitions is a Southampton based sales and marketing firm. The firm use face to face direct marketing techniques to help their clients connect with their customers in order to increase their customer loyalty and acquisition rates. Paragon Acquisitions believe its vital for businesses to create a company culture that reflects their core values. This is why as a 'people centric' company, the firm run their own business development program to help their representatives develop their business and leadership skills.

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