Nutmeg NISA Offers Free Portfolio Management to New Customers

Online investment management service Nutmeg today announces an introductory offer for new customers, offering free investment portfolio management until 2015*.

UK investors have the opportunity to increase their annual tax-advantageous ISA allowance to £15,000 when the New ISA (NISA) launches on July 1st. For new customers investing £15,000 or more before then, Nutmeg will build and manage their professional investment portfolio completely free of charge until 2015.

Anyone wishing to take advantage of Nutmeg's offer must do so in June. They are not required to keep their money with Nutmeg for a period of time in order to qualify – they can add or withdraw funds whenever they like – and at the end of the offer period, they will continue to receive Nutmeg's expert wealth management service for a single, low management fee.

Nutmeg customers pay just one simple fee between 0.3% and 1.0%, including VAT, based on how much they invest. For this fee, Nutmeg offers professional discretionary investment management, live customer support, 24/7 online access to your portfolio account and regular rebalancing to help ensure your investments remain in line with your financial objectives.

NISA early bird offer
Terms & Conditions

This offer is applicable to new customers who create a Nutmeg account in June 2014 and pay in £15,000 or more or transfer ISAs with a value of £15,000 or more before 1st July 2014.

A new customer is defined as an individual who has not previously held funds in an account with Nutmeg Saving and Investment Limited.

Minimum investment amount is £15,000.

This offer runs from 1st June 2014 (“Opening Date”) until midnight on 30th June 2014 (“Closing Date”).
This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other open offer.

All relevant accounts must receive cleared funds by midnight on 30th June 2014 or an ISA transfer form has been received at the Nutmeg head office, 80-84 Bondway, London, SW1 8SF, by close of business on 30th June 2014.

ISAs transferred into Nutmeg in June will retain their tax-advantageous ISA status and automatically become NISAs from July 1st.

Customers paying in £15,000 or more by bank transfer or card payment will have their funds invested at the next available trading cycle in a standard, taxable Nutmeg portfolio. On July 1st, we will then transfer from your standard, taxable portfolio into a NISA the amount you requested during the sign-up process.

Qualifying new customers will receive Nutmeg's professional portfolio management service, free of annual management fees, until midnight on 31st December 2014. From 1st January 2015 our annual management fee tariff will be applied to your account. More information on our management fee tariffs can be viewed at

There are underlying fund costs that are inherent in managing your portfolio as well as a bid-offer spread when we trade investment assets on your behalf and these will be charged to your account as they are for all customers. More information on underlying fund costs and related trading charges can be viewed at
Nutmeg reserves the right to amend, withdraw or restrict this promotion at any time without notice.

Nutmeg is the sole arbiter of these rules and any other issue arising under this promotion.

If gaming of the system is found, Nutmeg reserves the right to remove all promotions from the accounts.

Nutmeg reserves the right to amend, withdraw or restrict this promotion at any time without notice (although this will not apply to registered users that have taken the offer up at the time of withdrawal).

An invitation to participate in this offer does not provide assurance that you will be accepted as a customer of Nutmeg.
Our standard terms relating to your use of Nutmeg and your account apply and are not affected in any way by this offer.
Risk warning

The views and opinions expressed herein are for informational purposes only. They are not personal recommendations and should not be regarded as solicitations or offers to buy or sell any of the securities or instruments mentioned. The views are based on public information that Nutmeg considers reliable but does not represent that the information contained herein is accurate or complete. With investment, your capital is at risk. The price and value of investments mentioned and income arising from them may fluctuate. Past performance is not an indicator of future results, and the future returns are not guaranteed. We acknowledge an individual's tax situation is unique and tax legislation may be subject to change in the future. Nutmeg is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Notes to Editors:

About Nutmeg
Nutmeg is an intelligent online investment management service, regulated by the FCA, endorsed by the UKTI and backed by world-renowned shareholders. Nutmeg's experienced investment team builds and manages professional portfolios tailored to customers' real-life investment goals and aligned to their appetite for risk. Customers can create as many goals as they like, each with a different risk setting, and they can transfer, top-up or withdraw their money whenever they choose. Through the award-winning account interface, they can securely log in to see where their money is invested and how it's performing at any time. Customers can start with as little as £1,000 (plus £50 per month contributions for portfolios less than £5,000) and pay an annual management fee of just 0.3%-1% including VAT, depending on the size of their investment. Nutmeg makes intelligent investing easy for you. Straightforward, convenient and transparent. That's how investing should be.


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