New Research Supports Mazonai’s Energy Efficiency Plan Rolled Out Earlier This Year

In April 2014, Mazonai announced the implementation of a new energy efficiency plan in their Luton office. New research published last week backs Mazonai’s decision of being a ‘green’ business and proves why it was the right thing to do.

Brand new research reveals that 70 per cent of consumers would switch brands if they could demonstrate being more eco-friendly. Event marketing firm Mazonai have introduced a new energy efficiency plan in April this year and say that it has added value to their brand. Managing Director Ausra Mazonaite says: “We truly believe that we have made the right decision by implementing the new policy in April. In the coming years, people will become more and more eco-conscious and it is great to see the first benefits by thinking of the environment.”

For the study conducted by research agency Madano Partnership, Novelis and Forum for the Future, 3,000 people across the UK, US and Poland were questioned. The key findings were that people want to buy products and services with a positive environmental and social impact, with sustainable packaging. “People are concerned about the planet. This is a great first step to making things right,” says Ausra Mazonaite of Mazonai. In fact, the study reveals that consumers are prepared to boycott a brand that they consider to be acting irresponsibly.

Mazonai have implemented several changes earlier this year in order to become a ‘green’ business. Now, three months after introducing the new energy efficiency plan, Mazonai have seen a decrease of their electricity bill by 30 per cent in quarter two, double of the amount they had predicted. “We were absolutely stunned when we looked at the figures,” explains Ausra Mazonaite. “We have saved more money on electricity than we had expected, just by switching off the lights and equipment when  leaving the office for a meeting or lunch break,” adds Ausra Mazonaite. Furthermore, Mazonai work specifically with suppliers that collect packaging for reuse. The firm prefers electronic communication over paper and if writing on paper is indispensable, Mazonai are using recycle paper.

Mazonai are delighted by the results and explain that they have received positive feedback about their actions to being ‘green’ from customers, clients and suppliers. Ausra Mazonaite says: “The benefits really make a difference to our business in terms of finances and reputation. I strongly believe that all businesses will have to adapt in the coming years as climate change has become an unavoidable topic and consumers have find it increasingly important to do business with a ‘green’ company.” In fact, the study suggests that brands must act today in order to remain sustainable in the future due to higher consumer awareness, increasing expectations of brands’ environmental and social impact and new industry standards.

Ausra Mazonaite believes that Mazonai is going in the right direction. The company’s goal however is to implement further guidelines to increase environmental efforts and set a great example to other businesses in the Luton area. 

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