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Networking is an essential element in business, and entrepreneurs must master the skill of networking in order to develop relationships that could play a pivotal role in future success, claims Paragon Acquisitions in Manchester.

Working in a very people-focused business, Paragon Acquisitions in Manchester believes that networking is a vital element for their representatives to learn, it teaches them how to talk to different types of people, build relationships and acquire a wealth of knowledge that will help to achieve future success.The firm regularly attend networking events and urges their representatives to build up a network of people within and outside the industry that they can go to for advice and guidance. 'On my way to becoming a business owner i made a huge effort and went out of my way to build a vast network of people I could turn to whenever I needed advice and guidance and it was a massive help.Now I have people reaching out to me to network with and I'm happy to share what I have learned and help others,' said Managing Director at Paragon Acquisitions Carlton Roach.

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Manchester-based direct marketing specialists, Paragon Acquisitions have shared their advice on how to network like a pro.

  1. What is your goal?

Before attending networking events, consider what the goal is. All entrepreneurs should analyse the reason for attending a networking event; is it to pitch a new business idea to potential donors, to look for a potential business partner or to build relationships? Have a definite objective says Paragon Acquisitions.'Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and you will be more likely to accomplish your goals,' said Carlton Roach at Paragon Acquisitions.

  1. Focus on one thing

Pick one important thing for people to take away from the meeting.To network effectively it is important for individuals to decide what it is they are trying to communicate.If people are only going to remember one thing from speaking to them they must decide what they want that one thing to be

  1. What is your USP?

Before attending an event, attendees must identify their unique selling point so they can effectively communicate that to others.What makes their idea or product unique? They must ensure they communicate their USP after expressing the one thing they want people to take away.

  1. Ask open ended questions

An open ended question will encourage a discussion that will hopefully receive a full and meaningful answer based on the subject's knowledge and/or feelings.

Networking should be used to build a network of people with specific skills and knowledge, at different career levels.Asking a great open ended question will help to qualify whether the person will be a good addition to their network.

Paragon Acquisitions is a Manchester based sales and marketing firm that offer businesses of all sizes a wide range of creative direct marketing solutions. On behalf of their clients the firm develop and implement engaging campaigns that are designed to create a buzz and promote brand loyalty. Paragon Acquisitions meet with customers in person through presentations and events and work hard to forge positive relationships and meet consumers' changing needs. This personalised approach has allowed the firm to generate impressive revenue for their clients and dramatically increase their customer acquisition rates.

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