NBE Marketing Reveals How Marketing Affects Customer Experience

Sales and marketing experts NBE Marketing are urging businesses to tread carefully when it comes to marketing to consumers. The firm have recently reviewed how even a small marketing mishap can wreak havoc on a business's reputation and damage consumer relationships.

Reading based sales and Marketing firm NBE Marketing are concerned that by failing to take care and pay attention to the details within their marketing process, hundreds of businesses are harming the consumer experience. Marketing strategies can have a direct impact on the consumer experience, for example misspelling a customer's name on marketing material, or sending unsuitable product offers to certain consumer groups can not only be frustrating to consumers, it can also cause them to feel misunderstood and undervalued by a business.

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A recent article published by Direct Marketing News on 1st September 2015, revealed the results of a study into the effects poor marketing strategies have on the customer experience. The research, conducted by CX cloud provider SDL found that in the year following a poorly executed marketing approach, a business can expect to lose up to 65% of revenue from the customers affected. As well as this, 64% of these customers will stop recommending the brand to others and are highly likely to leave negative reviews online.

NBE Marketing believes that it the responsibility of marketers in today's market to build strong relationships with their audience. Whilst many may still chose to believe that a marketer's job is to get as many customers through the door as possible, NBE Marketing are keen to stress that a customer's relationship with a brand starts the second they engage, and first impressions count.The firm believe the best way to determine a positive response and improve the consumer experience is for businesses to put more care and attention into the message they are broadcasting to their customers. Providing a relevant massage increases engagement and customer retention, providing the opportunity to form an emotional bond. Brands should steer clear of having just one message as this can appear irrelevant and impersonal to consumers who don't 'fit' a particular profile.

Brands looking to form better connections through marketing should also consider their marketing channels with extreme care. Whilst email is still riding high as a go to marketing strategy for the majority of businesses, NBE Marketing are urging brands to be cautious with the medium, as it is often misused. Customers can become bombarded with a huge quantity of marketing emails which are either not relevant to them or provide them with very little incentive or 'pay off'. Customers need to know what's in it for them when signing up for this form of marketing, and even if a brand isn't in the position to provide them with special offers, the content of such emails should still be useful and of value.

Based in Reading, NBE Marketing are experts in outsourced sales and event marketing, and offer innovative marketing solutions to some of the UKs biggest brands. The firm believe that the customer should be at the heart of every marketing strategy and as such, offer direct marketing services designed to personalise and streamline the customer experience. Through face to face presentations and promotions the firm help their clients understand their consumers as individuals with individual needs, which boosts their clients customer retention rates and brand reputation

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