‘Mr. Selfrigde’ Inspired Entrepreneur is Launching an Online Shopping Mall for Individuals & Small Businesses



Entrepreneur Inspired by ‘Mr. Selfrigde’ Aims to Empower Economy by Offering Opportunities to Individuals & Small Businesses

John Meyers, Founder of Revolutionary Ecommerce Platform EZHOPZ Online Shopping Mall Is Giving Away Free Online Shops to Businesses In Need Of Support

John Meyers, the founder of EZHOPZ, a recently launched ecommerce platform, known for its innovative mall-like structure and client-centric policies, has announced a special giveaway for small businesses and start-ups. Every individual and small business looking for opportunities to break into the market may open a free online shop within his Online Mall. This opportunity, according to Mr. Meyers, is expected to empower local businesses, as well as the overall economy.

According to the spokesperson for EZHOPZ, the giveaway offer reflects the basic mission on which the company was founded. Explaining how the offer will help the company help businesses and the market, the spokesperson said, “The mission of EZHOPZ is to market, from local to global goods and services and to serve individuals and small businesses. We wish to build a fair trading platform. By offering a free online shop to any individual, we aim to increase their living standard and for small businesses to increase their regional market. In this way EZHOPZ wants to give everyone an opportunity to make the most of eCommerce without worrying about knowledge or investment capital.”

The free shops will allow vendors to sell all kinds of products including arts and crafts, luxury items, and locally produced goods to a worldwide market. Mr. Meyers will also take care of domain hosting and the cost of data traffic for vendors selling through these free shops.

In his own words, Mr. Meyers explains how his inspiration is Britain’s popular TV character ‘Mr. Selfridge’. The protagonist Mr. Selfridge, played by Jeremy Piven, is a forward-thinking man who is not afraid to take risks. He is an ambitious and passionate man wholeheartedly devoted to his life’s purpose, regardless of the sceptical opinions and opposition around him. “Selfridge & Co is for Mr. Selfridge what EZHOPZ is for Mr. Meyers. Even Mr. Selfridge would be proud of Meyers and his efforts,” the spokesperson adds.

Mr. Meyers invites aspiring entrepreneurs to join hands in his mission to play a stronger role in stabilising and strengthening the economy through collaborative efforts. Focusing majorly on new start-ups and entrepreneurs, there are no prerequisites such as special training or specific software for opening an EZHOPZ shop. Vendors can simply customize the shop and place their items for sale. Shoppers, on the other hand, can shop around at various online stores and check-out later from one central point.

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EZHOPZ is a newly launched eCommerce company that offers a set of online shopping solutions for buyers and sellers alike. An entrepreneur, John Meyers, founded the company in 2013. Meyers sourced a team of 15 developers and a group of business experts to integrate their expertise and knowledge and create an advanced eCommerce solution as an Online Mall with a strong focus on needs and requirements of individuals as well as local small businesses. EZHOPZ offers a distinguished set of features including individual virtual shops with customization options.

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