MJ Experia Marketing Urge Small Businesses to Re-Evaluate their Customer Service Strategy

Putting the customer first is the number one rule in business; however, MJ Experia Marketing encourages small business to re-evaluate their customer service strategies as they might not be as customer-centric as they think.

MJ Experia Marketing believes that it is incredibly important for businesses to think like their customers. Those organisations that understand their customer’s needs and are the best at satisfying them will be the most successful. A customer’s practices, beliefs, behaviours and emotions all impact the way they buy products, choose brands and create perceptions about a brands’ personality. The business should know who its key customers are and how to find them. Finding what online communities they are part of, where they go to find information and what networks they use are all essential in learning about the perfect customer and understanding how they think. Thinking like the customer can also make it easier to target new potential customers of a similar profile. Thinking like a customer can give the upper hand in business as it makes it easier to market a product successfully using the correct information and knowing that the right kind of customer is being offered something that they are likely to want/need.

MJ Experia Marketing has highlighted 5 signs that business may not be as customer-centric as they think:

1.Frequent internal meetings are held to discuss product development, marketing, sales or strategy decisions, during which the customer is absent from the agenda.

2.Managers can quote month-to-date sales statistics but give a blank stare when asked about customer retention and brand loyalty statistics.

3.When listening to employee/customer interactions scripted conversations and inflexible policies are being used rather than real people with individual discretion to take the right action for the customer.

4.When paying attention to how the organisation speaks it becomes apparent that the terminology and language used requires translation for company outsiders.

5. Workers in different departments are unresponsive to each other and do not follow through on promises.

Based in the heart of Birmingham city centre, MJ Experia Marketing Ltd demonstrates authority in sales and marketing outsourcing, event strategies and data-driven intelligence systems. The firm use direct marketing sales techniques in order to help their clients’ accelerate sales, build brand exposure and boost revenue. They do this with insightful, structured and engaging customer interactions via their face-to-face event campaigns. This ensures that the scope for adding more value through personal selling can be clearly defined from the customer’s perspective.

MJ Experia Marketing regularly update their customer service strategy so that it is possible for them to keep up to date with current consumer trends and continue to provide the best service possible for their clients and clients’ customers. They are urging other small businesses to do the same. 

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