Mineral Makeup For Men | The Key to Treating and Covering Acne

With an estimated 2.2 million male acne sufferers in the UK between the ages of 14 and 25, there is little surprise that the number of products on the market claiming to ease the symptoms of this condition runs into the hundreds. It seems as though most main stream brands have adapted even the simplest of products and rebranded them for use in the treatment of acne. However, as we sit here on the cusp of even more products entering this already bloated market, in the form of MMUK MAN’s mineral makeup for men collection, there could finally be some attainable respite for young gentlemen all over the UK whom suffer with this confidence crippling condition.

MMUK MAN, the UK’s leading online specialist in men’s makeup already boast a collection of unrivaled male cosmetics, however, with the growing popularity of their products amongst the younger generation, MMUK MAN have decided to go one step further by going gun ho for mineral.

The concept of this brand new and exclusive mineral makeup line was born from the popularity of their existing range, as well as the endless list of benefits mineral makeup offers when it comes to negotiating troublesome acne. Rather than focusing entirely on the treatment of acne at source with a list of chemicals as long as your arm, Makeup For Men UK have enlisted the power and purity of mineral makeup in the tackling of this condition and its unparalleled and natural cover up ability to provide instantaneous male acne relief.

Mineral makeup itself is formed from ground up rocks (sometimes called mica) which in turn forms a powder that is completely pure. Free from chemicals and preservatives, the brand new MMUK MAN mineral line also offers incredible staying power, perfect for young men whom do not want their acne to become more defined throughout the day.

Now we have covered what mineral makeup for men hasn’t got, let us focus on the core properties within MMUK MAN’s formulas, which make them so good at treating and covering acne on men.

The skin care benefits and ultimately anti-acne benefits include anti-inflammatory and soothing minerals, which tend to fight off the aggression of mens acne. By lightly coating your face with a foundation, concealer or even bronzer for men, behind the scenes your acne will benefit from these irritant free cover up properties. Typically, only recommended by surgeons and dermatologists to patients after skin surgery or treatment, mineral male makeup hosts the healing capabilities required to see a dramatic natural improvement.

By offering very thorough coverage, mineral men’s makeup is also ideal for men wishing to treat and cover other skin related conditions such as rosacea, birth marks and scars.

MMUK MAN’s line also restores and maintains your skin’s neutral PH balance, which is crucial in providing a natural barrier against the skin conditions acne usually thrives in.

As male skin care consumers fine tune their knowledge on the topic in hand, most guys will appreciate the non-comedogenic nature of mineral male makeup. For gentlemen who do not necessarily know the importance of this, put simply, it refers to the non-clogging of facial pores and the ability of the MMUK MAN range to let your skin breathe. Again, yet another crucial component in dealing with acne.

The nine products MMUK MAN are set to launch in May 2013 include a foundation, concealer and men’s bronzer, coming in three different formats each. All showcased in the same black matte casing as the rest of the MMUK MAN range, the three new additions include a simple potted product, pressed versions and these products being dispensed from a wand. The concept behind the three different dispenser types is aimed at providing modern men with the flexibility to totally adapt to men’s makeup.

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