Men’s Eye Makeup Goes to the Next Level

For a number of years now, British born makeup for men specialists MMUK MAN have been serving up a great selection of cosmetic products. From concealer, BB cream and even men's foundation, through to the likes of mascara and eyeliner, it seemed as though they had left no stone unturned. However, in MMUK MAN's spring collection, we see them take it to an entirely new level, raising eyebrows, quite literally in most cases, as eye makeup for men gets a serious shake up.

Featuring a brand new men's eye shadow, arriving in a great selection of masculine shades, along with their all natural men's eyebrow wax, MMUK MAN's spring collection symbolizes the seismic shift in male grooming standards in recent times, with more men focusing on eyebrow waxing, threading and even subtle shaping.

It's clear to see how MMUK MAN pride themselves on natural looking and unnoticeable formula and with the headshots backing up their, at first glance, outrageous products, it would come as no surprise if men continue to tune in to all the brand has to offer.

Of course, the unveiling doesn't stop there with MMUK MAN's Brow Shadow and Waxing Kit making up the cosmetic field in spectacular fashion. Packaged in the incredibly masculine black matte design, showcased across the entire line, MMUK MAN simply wouldn't look out of place on any man's bathroom shelf.

'Well groomed eyebrows are something that more and more gentlemen are focusing on' says MMUK MAN co-founder Alex Dalley. 'Men are continually looking for new ways to improve their appearance, in order to get an edge in most aspects of their lives. With the shadow collection, waxing kit and daily brow wax pomade, we're delighted to be catering for their needs in this area.'

So, what's next for MMUK MAN, who continue to break the boundaries for modern day male grooming? With a specialist men's fake tan, below the belt grooming survival series and skin care range on the horizon, it looks set to be yet another busy year for the Sussex based company.

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