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‘Half of my advertising budget is wasted – but I don’t know which half’’

It’s been over 100 years since Henry Ford made this claim. In 2014 it’s hard to believe that this is still the case. Advertisers and marketers will know that advertising spend is difficult to track and measure. In light of this, Media Agency Group have developed a revolutionary online and offline tracking system that scrutinises every marketing penny spent.

TrAccountable, delivers response data and results in real-time. This unique, in-house system monitors the performance of every aspect of a campaign; delivering data which will determine future activities to constantly evolve and maximise response levels.

In partnership with Michael W Halsall Solicitors, Media Agency Group implemented the Claim Through Us campaign at the turn of 2014, after months of preparation. First, claims types were analysed to highlight geographical and claim type opportunities. Through research and data, the agency moved to target audiences with high claims histories; those who proved extremely receptive to claims advertising. Outdoor media, online, TV and radio were rolled out across the North West of England.

With TrAccountable’s ability to monitor, track and store all interactions, the team at Media Agency Group were able to confidently launch a vast, multi-format campaign to position CTU as a highly visible contender in the marketplace. Unique tracking codes and phone numbers were placed in each online and offline ads to measure the response of each campaign. This meant, based on audience response, the team were able to refine strategies and constantly develop the campaign to increase effectiveness.

Claim Through Us’ presence in the marketplace has seen significant growth, and its saturation of key targeted areas provided the company with a huge enquiry rate in response to their advertising.

Based on findings the campaign was constantly refined to maximise response levels and minimise cost per acquisition. Spend was diverted to ensure maximum efficiency. If one aspect of the campaign was shown to be under-performing, budget was immediately diverted to more profitable channels. This all led to an unrivalled, cost per acquisition. Month-on-month, efficiency improved to the point where cost per acquisition is now down 60% as a result.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Media Agency Group says:

“TrAccountable, as we have seen with the Claim Through Us campaign has allowed us to ensure every positive precaution is taken prior to campaigns going live. This gives campaign formats the best chance of success, which, is measured individually so if there is a more profitable route elsewhere, ad spend will be diverted there immediately.”

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